She drowned that day for want of love and truth

And suffered blackest depths in silken waves;

Wrapped by grieving cold, unjust of lovers,

Embraced deepest liquidity of graves.


Other fault of miscommunication,

Disbelief, flawed lover, by no means brave –

To dwell on words of patent jealousy;

No trust nor second chance this love he gave.


Suspended, in timeless vault of darkness,

Eyes closed forever, nothing more to save;

Surrendered heart and soul into river

And damned by love’s mistrust became its slave.


‘Sweetheart, you not once believed my loving

If so easily heart has misbehaved.

Cherish only what was held between us,

A love, time was, assumed we two had craved.’


14 thoughts on “Ophelia”

      1. I remember studying Hamlet at school and being so disappointed in his character after having loved Macbeth. Nothing in the intervening years has made me change my mind. If anything, I’m more aggravated with him than I was back then. Every time I read his words and get inside his brain I want to punch him. Wonder if Shakespeare felt like that with him. Perhaps a revisit is overdue. But I can’t see me having changed that much. I don’t even get why Ophelia liked him. He irked the hell out of me. Hope he’s not one of your faves. 😉 x


      2. During the Shakespearean festival l met a Shakespearean professor(PHD)Shakespeare ,tried to make the viewers hate the protagonist some times for being naive then to love him in the last act.please read Macbeth once again.Every play is a masterpiece even after all these centuries.Every play is a mystery needs to be unraveled .Sincerely J.M


      3. I love Macbeth. I reread it last year as a school activity. Just for the fun of it as it were. I’ll have to try that with Hamlet. See if I can’t find some sympathy for him. Maybe now I’m older I might understand better his need to analyse. It’s been so long since I read it. I think my initial introduction and subsequent feelings put me off him. But I’ll try again with a fresh perspective. Not making any promises though that I won’t still want to punch him. 😉 x


    1. Thank you, Chris. He was certainly a victim. It’s just that his privatization irked me no end. I just always wished he would have decided and done it. Rightly or wrongly. Perhaps I need to read it again with a kinder eye.x


      1. I do understand exactly what you mean – ‘to procrastinate or not procrastinate…’. Like all writing it does all depend on where one is coming from in how one relates to a character. Take care.


      2. I’m laughing away here, Chris. I read your comment and looked above at mine. Privatize! Damn kindle and autocorrect. Even damn wants to be Damon here. I’ll really have to figure out how to switch it off. Glad you still made sense of it anyway. 🙂 x


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