fakir flaunts his power and releases

demons, drawing to souls where light has dwelt.

pleas of mercy, screams, no one appeases.

compassion none, despite the souls who knelt.

victims all to stalker on his prowling,

no hiding place, no basement refuge near.

cerebral pain, nerves to jangle, howling,

bitten wounds on worm’d flesh assault appear.

hunted down, unmasked, a scented quarry,

conceptual hounds bay their callous cries.

nowhere on earth prey may pray or worry;

supplication sought, revealed sordid lies.

medicinal, no sugar coated pill,

mouth, ears, eyes now wide open; hunted still.

10 thoughts on “Hunted”

      1. LOL I’m glad you can see where the train tracks were for my brief derailment. Demons + guilt = catholicism. At least in my melting pot brain.


      2. I might get stuck there too. If I didn’t believe so completely in forgiveness. And there is the boon in confession. Good for the soul. And keeping a lid on the worst excesses of my humanity. 😉 x


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