Death Of Trust

Doubt everything but love,

given freely;

Receive such gift, offered

      without account.

Forbidding, when there is

no guarantee;

No clause to ponder, how it

may amount.

Though true-spoken, some

doubt veracity;

Hold mistrust as icon, tho’

no favour,

Seek loneliness, proclaim

their liberty

In charnel house, where no life

to savour.


Assistance Needed

A wonderful blogger I follow
is starting up a new site with prompts for all sorts of bloggers. She’s also looking for some help in facilitating the site. I haven’t got a clue but maybe there are some who have?
There will be prompts for photographers/artists as well as poets and writers of various genre including children’s stories.
It’s the start of a new venture and another avenue with opportunities to extend readership as well as tackle new and old styles.
It’s just beginning so it would be lovely to be in at the start of a promising new opportunity.
Her header is “We’re all out there, somewhere, waiting to happen.”
It says a lot about who she is and her outlook on life.

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie


I am looking for individuals willing to assist with my new prompt site. Ideally I would be in charge of Sunday Monday and Tuesday.

I would like someone for

Wednesday’s Haiku/Tanka Share

Thursday’s Short Story Share

Friday’s Fairytale Share

Saturday’s Shadorma Share

If you agree to help I will add you as an author. I will host all the challenges until which time I acquire recruits.

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