“Women are Sluts, Men are Studs” Giving the Patriarchs a Row.

Now, my lovely friend, Rene, has been running crash courses on all sorts of stuff I’m interested in. And I don’t have the time to re-study. So these wee 10-15 minute chunks are just my cuppa.

John and Hank Green – brothers – combining their many talents to educate the world. And I think that they’re great at it. Ok, it’s bite-sized but that’s kind of what is happening to education. Whole other discussion. But these chunks are entertaining and encapsulate the essence of the subject at hand.

My favourite bit in this one might be John giving the patriarchs a row as he…well, listen for yourself. The whole thing is entertaining but the section I’m referring to is from 6.55-7.57. An even smaller bite-size, if 12 minutes is too long. http://nae50.wordpress.com/2014/03/22/lit-course-the-odyssey/comment-page-1/#comment-1804

Think I’m gonna go read The Odyssey now. See, there’s merit in these courses. Just won’t get you into college.

It’s a bit like watching the Open University course programmes. You don’t have to study because you’re just watching for fun at 2a.m. or thereabouts. Nobody’s going to test you afterwards. And you get to say, to no one in particular because no one’s watching them with you, ‘That’s very interesting’. And nod sagely. Before heading to bed with your head stuffed full of stuff you may never need in your life. But hey, I like it.

At least with John and Hank they’re modern. The Open University programmes have been kicking around since the year dot. The outfits and hair do’s testify to that. I think they only update them when something major changes. Like, once they knew the world wasn’t flat, they made a new video.


10 thoughts on ““Women are Sluts, Men are Studs” Giving the Patriarchs a Row.”

  1. You know you can do what I do: I get most books I can’t find on the Kindle on audio book. Trey does much the same thing. This way I don’t get too bored, and my eyes don’t hurt. I listened to many on history. Here, I am able to get them from the library, and I can download them from the library, or they just sent me the CDs for another really long book.


    1. I used to do that for helping to learn a language. Stick on a tape and fall asleep to it. It really works too. Might give that a bash for when I can’t keep my eyes open to read. 🙂 x


  2. I never got any of those stories in class…where was he…I could have done a complete history in an hour and a half, laughed for half of it and not get into trouble, and been totally corrupted anyway 🙂
    Is this how you teach momus? 🙂 Or is that why your watching this stuff, your bringing out your own version 🙂


    1. Isn’t he great? He does bear a lot of similarities to my style! Think he might have been spying. 😉 I would have loved lessons like this at school myself. Sure, they could then have expanded on them. But what a great way to get the lesson out there and stimulate discussion. I think of some of my history classes from school days and can still fall asleep at the thought. Not just history mind you. I think a lot of the teachers were on downers and it reflected their style. The ones that stand out for me are those who took a different approach and brought lessons alive. Education should not be boring. Think I’ll stitch a sampler for that and pin it on the walls of staffrooms. 🙂 x


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