In dreams

I find the answers

To my searching,

In scenes

Depicted of

Another world.

On waking

I redeem

My body,

Reclaim my soul,


Quite unfurled.


Of a weird  and

Winding nature,


Enacted in

Etheric plain.

With smile

On lips

And laughter

Surging upwards

I rejoin life,

New perspectives gained.



7 thoughts on “Discovery”

  1. Just brilliant. The rhythm rolls like the ‘laughter surging upwards’. Love the sense of release of energy and then being left with clarity.


  2. I love dreaming. I seem to have vivid dreams quite often and lately my dreams have been fun leaving me disappointed to be waking. I am seeing a shift in my dreams lately as aspects of my life shift, And its good. Sleep well, sweet dreams. xo


    1. I know exactly what you mean, Kerry. I don’t rightly know why sometimes they are so vivid. And useful. But highly enjoyable. Definitely another world. Sweet dreams to you too. 🙂 x


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