Mother’s love devours all fine senses,

Seeks to serve each child with greatest hope,

Benign in love, she covers all the bases

Except the blindest spot; the hanging rope.

The weakness no self perceives, created

By the loving hand of nurture held too tight.

Submerged devotion cherished, now berated

When Achilles’ defect comes too soon to light.


14 thoughts on “Achilles”

  1. Wonderful, Anne-Marie, and so true. I love the way you have chosen a Greek myth because it shows the connection we have with one another and with the past. Some things never change! xxx


  2. Anne Marie, It’s important to remember that a key part of love is to let them be free. It’s hard, but vital. Such a good poem! Warmly, Brenda


      1. Loads and loads of them. I’ve been in this current school for a few weeks now. Every stage from primary one through seven. And the nursery and special ed/disabled. A real challenge in lots of ways but glorious too. Really enjoying it. The kids are great and those with additional needs blow me away. They’re amazing. Even more natural than ‘normal’ kids. We’ve had some great laughs. You get to act a bit more to put lessons across. Makes for lively fun. And those whose circumstances are less than perfect for different reasons, well, eyes open, ears open, heart open. Mostly, I just love my job.
        It’s the parents I could bash some of the times. Though, god knows, a lot of them have difficult times too. It’s never dull I can guarantee you that.x


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