Fey Tale

Ennobled rank

by virtue of affliction,

Self-condemnation masks

the pooling tears.

His challenge cup

once poisoned by a dragon,

Tormented by its torching;

burning sears.


Intrinsic to his quest

there lives a code,

No law may break his bones;

his strength engendered.

On steed of worth,

his face full-painted woad,

Armoured heart encrusted;

gems to render.


Immortal risk too far

he dare not try,

Though wounds of flesh

may bleed until the end.

Scarred soul he saves,

 thus he will not lie;

This, his one and truest,

loyal friend.


Alter-egoed grip

upon the reins,

Steadfast in irons,

soldered to his feet.

Another hero’s heel

in wounded pain

Adjunct to failing trial,

none to meet.


Through storms and mountain glens

he wends his way,

Howling tempest smothers

heartfelt cry.

No joy on earth to wish

his heart to stay,

All hope gone,

anguished wish to die.


Softest breathing kelpie

heard his pleas,

Veiled as creature

tempting to his fate.

Brought errant knight

upon his knees

Submerged his soul,

became his life-long mate.


Whisper when you travel

in the fey lands.

In winds and breaths of air

each curse is heard,

Capricious creatures cover

more than Highlands,

Their charm to hear

each pent-up, heartfelt word.

21 thoughts on “Fey Tale”

    1. More of a ‘Highlander’ movie fan here. More magic in it. But watching either of them sets the internal bagpipes skirling. 🙂 Thank you for commenting, Paul. It’s good to know you enjoyed it.x


  1. Wonderful, Anne-Marie – and, by an extraordinary coincidence, I have just done a meditation which featured, amongst other things, members of the Fey riding upon delicate steeds! xxx


    1. Must be Spring. The fey is rising. Along with the sap. 😉 Are you going to do a post on the meditation? I’d be interested in that, Ali. A little magic from lots of quarters. 🙂 x


      1. Excellent idea, Anne-Marie; I shall try and write it up over the weekend. Thanks for the suggestion. xxx


      1. I love pretty much all mythology. Although I probably am more familiar with the Greek stuff myself. Just loved it as a kid and never outgrew it. 🙂 x


  2. Just lovely. Yes, I saw Highlander in it (also a fan). Wonderful imagery. Makes we want to visit Scotland and drink in the sights, sounds, aromas; taste and touch everything you describe.


    1. Date in the Highlands it is then. A hauf and some magic while the wind whistles through the chimney of an old pub and we set the world to rights in front of a roaring fire. Jeez! I’m there. 😉 x


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