Elysian Fields

I’m rising and falling

and floating thru’ time

like a leaf on a breeze

in the mist

to Elysian Fields,

lush pastures to seize

while a song plays and

drifts from my lips.


I open my eyes

to view what’s in store and

gasp with delight

at the scene;

my Mother and Father,

all those long gone,


as if in a dream.


Their laughter like lilacs,

their faces in bloom,

roses red

on each cheek,

my face shines with joy

at each girl and boy

suspended in time

that we seek.


Air rushes by,

my heart gives a cry

as I’m torn from this world

full of wonder

clouds scud the night,

spirit in flight, in a whirlpool

 I’m dragged

back down under


to life on the earth

where worries await

and trials are the test

of my soul.

But eyes closed, cast within

I see fields again

and the faces of my

Elysian goal.


28 thoughts on “Elysian Fields”

  1. ‘Their laughter like lilacs’ – I adore this, Anne-Marie; it is beautiful and so evocative. Just perfect. xxx


      1. Aw thank you, Jen. I needed that. Doesn’t being a mum and a wife just suck at times? We should really get time off for good behaviour. A bit of probation to just go and be ourselves for a while. Fancy? 😉 x


  2. This is so lovely…funny, I was daydreaming of my mom and my step-dad (who passed) this morning…or was it a real dream…but it looks like I dropped by at the right moment:) Hugs, Oliana xx


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