Freedom! he cried,

Or so the film said.

In legends and myths

Our heroes are made.

And they die.


By peace and resistance,

Gandhi’s evocation.

In love and by actions,

Recreate nation.

And we live.


By power and mistrust,

Dictators’ lips spoke such words.

Vilify, conquer,

Hand to the sword.

And we hate.


Love one another

As I have loved you,

Messianic message.

Nothing more true.

And we love.


What lives on in legend

And myths we espouse

Are the ideas and concepts

That build each new house.

We create.


Freedom, no myth,

For with free will we’re born

Tho’ in life, servitude

Snips until shorn.

But we hope.


Hope in our freedom,

A liberty voice,

Our actions, our words,

Heroic choice.

For we are.


20 thoughts on “Freedom”

      1. Oh Pam, don’t you say sorry. It’s I who must apologise for saying the wrong name. I barely know my own name this weekend if that’s any excuse. One of those ones. I’m so sorry.x


  1. The hero crying Freedom is going to see the end of Scotland, giving 16 year old fantasists the vote hoping that they believe the Australian antisemitist actor and the masses will anoint King Salmon as Westminster waves bye to watch the Celtic lands fall into independence like a mother waves cherrio to a sibling with knowledge that they will be back like the prodigal son, cap in hand, while Westminster gains the power once again while rubbing their oil soaked hands


    1. I for one will be voting for Independence and am currently doing everything I can to educate my children on why taking responsibility for our own future is an excellent idea. They, meanwhile, are educating me with thoughts and research that reveal the same. 25 years old down to 16. Not fantasists at all. They do realise that Mel Gibson was an actor and that the part he played owed much to Hollywood and legend. Which is what my poem is about. Myths and legends that people hold dear to while the answer to free will lies in our own hands and voices.


  2. I agree with quiall, absolutely wonderful. I especially enjoyed re-reading the last line. “And they die/ and we live / and we hate/ and we love/ we create/ but we hope/ for we are/” Splendid juxtapositions, and, like you say, these are the words of hope, liberty, and freedom. AWESOME!


    1. I’m so glad you understood where I was coming from. It’s such a huge, world-wide desire and problem. And I wasn’t sure I could do it justice. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for reading.x


    1. I keep forgetting about this book. Lol. I’m just writing. It gives me pleasure. How you doing anyway? Long time been quiet. Have you made inroads in your writing endeavours and repaired your mum’s roof? 😉 x


      1. Roof done. Spirit asked me to wait with regard to the book as I need to experience something that is going to change my perspective on my approach to how I was going to write it.
        I suppose it’s like finding out the world is round. The world is still there but you don’t panic that your going to fall off the end of the Earth if you go too far out! 🙂 Um…is the world round? Just checking in case something happened while I’ve been busy! 🙂
        I have been doing some healing, and as is usual, while helping others, spirit throws a few things in front of me to let me see where I’m at. Not that I have anything wrong with me of course 🙂
        Besides that I’ve been trying to finish off my websites for my healing and the book. Mind you, the site is nearly finished but I haven’t written the book 🙂 Is that normal? lol


      2. It seems anything’s normal in writing and in life. The book will come together when it’s ready to do so.
        Funnily enough, I wrote a poem that I haven’t published yet about the world being flat or round and how, in fact, it’s almost stranger to accept that it’s round and that we don’t fall off. All of us hanging off the sides of it at different angles. Must put it up….might be what you’re waiting for!
        Good man getting your mam’s roof sorted. Can you do ceilings? My bathroom one fell in on Saturday morning! 😉 x


      3. Oh dear, a nice hot bath, glass of wine, and the insulation from the ceiling dropping into the bath around you. So romantic! I’m visualising but I keep thinking of your ‘accidental snapshot’ from a while back. Thought you’d forgotten about that eh? 🙂
        Please post the world is flat. It may be what I need. Plus you may have a believer or two out there in the nethers. I know someone that thinks I’m a knight in shining armour, now how archaic is that? 🙂 But she is a sweetie, and a heart of gold.
        Beyond that, you sound tired and the year has only just got into second gear. Need a week away somewhere to regroup or a weekender somewhere at least to give you a bit of YOU time.
        For some reason this Astrological Grand Cross is seriously making us look within and do the change that we are afraid to do. Oh well, deep breath. Time to step into that fear….and ask Sandra Bullock to marry me. Well, someone has to…can’t let that go to waste.

        P.S. Sandra and I will be by in her jet to pick you and Hugh up on Thursday for a luncheon on the Whitsunday Islands. Bring bikini’s, thongs and a sarong!


      4. Jeez, never forgotten.Etched forever in memory and dined out on it a few times. 🙂
        I’m up for a spot of island hopping in fine company. Send that jet!
        Tweaked a bit at the poem. But it’s up now. Hope it helps. You never know. Strange cosmos and all that. x


  3. Your just 1 with 7, there are a damn sight more 16 year olds who have no idea who the real William Wallace was and most of what he did was criminal, he wasnt 6ft he was 5ft 6in in his stocking. Also that Bonnie Prince Charlie wasn’t Scottish he was Italuan who spent most if his life hiding in France. Since they has stopped teaching real history in Scottish school these voting children have been influenced by those who either equally inept at political history or have been influenced which way to vote in the classroom.

    I don’t trust the slimy Salmon, his policies or his methods, he is going to lead tge people of Scotland down the road of destruction if he wins. You so far are the only person apart from from some guy sticking of pish who sat next to me at the doctor who thinks independence is a good idea, oh yes the woman in Lidls who said to he friends in a loud voice, best thng about getting independence is we can get rid of the fu#ing English back to England, so if you can live with that kind of independence then yoyr wekcome to it, I bet the Irn Bru bottles of unleaded from the Scottish oil fields and strips of tartan cloth are being stock piled already.

    History shows that no country can gain independence wthout civil unrest and death of its citizens. While you are thinking about how to reply Google Tony Blair and movement of the Scottish boarder……..The Scottish sea border was moved to Stonehaven just in case oil and gas was discovered……


    1. I think you may have missed the point of the poem, Pete.
      Myths and legends retain only the ideas and concepts of their stories. However these are made manifest in the present day depends on the words and actions and love of others. As cited in the stanzas.
      Free will, liberty and hope are rightful aspirations shared the world over. How people choose to claim them or fight for them depends on many factors. Ancient and more modern heroes and anti-heroes in myths and legends may be noted for their right and wrong methods. Nevertheless, certain truths and desires remain.
      We choose whether we are the new heroes or anti-heroes in the new history we make. The world over.
      Profaning people of any culture or nationality is never acceptable in my book. Nor is it acceptable to me to dismiss a whole generation of thinking, breathing present individuals because some of them get a bad press.
      Thankfully, in our country we are allowed some voice. As you know this is not the case everywhere nor has it been for many countries past and present where liberty is oppressed. In all of our actions and words we may choose to make a difference in the world.
      And by our words and actions we are known.
      Thanks Pete for your comments here. If I write on Scottish Independence we may enter into further discussion based on facts. Not mythology, nor one-sided poorly written history nor subversive news coverage. Based rather on a dialectic that seeks to reveal genuine thoughts and feelings that are inherent to free thinking people. My prayer for the world is that those who govern are people of that mind and not those whose actions and words divest humanity of their rights.


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