Before the globe,

was there a flat map

of a flat world,

little matchstick people,

standing around,

afraid to fall off the edge?

Is it any less strange than

to think of us teetering,

stuck out at odd angles

from the sides

of a sphere,

like the flares from the sun,

each one

a gaseous wonder

breezing into air

and colouring


Reaching toward the

Karman Line,

trusting in the lift

and velocity,

to take us higher

than gravity,



reaching always;


to terminal,

thinning into 


inhaling negative 

and positive


I know I stand upright,

most days,

when I’m not flat on my back

or kneeling,

praying for

a world where

gaseous exchange is unequal

and trust,

as a commodity

in short supply,

is the only thing keeping us

sticking to the surface.


12 thoughts on “Trust”

    1. Thanks, Kerry. I get so much of stuff but never enough to really understand it. No astrophysicist here I’m afraid. But it fascinates me. The best I can do is just hold on and trust in the power above. 😉 x


  1. So true momus. And we don’t have enough faith in ourselves, do we?
    By the way, where is the edge? They’ve been trying to convince us for years that the world is round…but I know that’s not true…how else are we standing straight up.
    I’ve tried to stand on one of those big beach balls many times and there’s no way I can do it. (Ok, it was after a few wines, but try doing it sober. lol). Namaste x


    1. We are the edge, Mark. Constantly falling over ourselves. I’m just glad there are some foot and hand holds to cling on to.
      Might give the beachball a try. Sounds like fun. Failing that, just the wine. 😉 x


    1. Thank you so much, Cindy. I’m always so delighted I don’t fall off the world. I continually trust that someone or thing keeps it all together. Weird and wonderful combined. 🙂 x


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