In and around,

thoughts confound,

wandering, wending maze.

Monstrous deal,

high walls conceal,

entangle, capture, faze.


Unerring trap,

threadlike map,

alternate paths and ways.

Portents pending,

search unending,

pursuit of better days.


One to care,

secrets share,

mindful notions raise,

Gambles taken,

love forsaken,

chips upon the baize.


Restless sighs,

subjective lies,

focus, centre, gaze.



consider what heart says.



graven plinth,

hero rescues, flays

mindless foe,

new route to go,

meditate new phase.


8 thoughts on “Labyrinth”

  1. So, that’s what the world has come to…a labyrinth…who’s the minotaur? With a head like that I would expect it to be each governing body around the globe. I suppose this world is like being in a rodeo…always riding the bull for dear life, hoping not to get bucked off and lost in the maze 🙂


  2. And I tend to get lost on a million different paths all leading to different places not knowing which one is best. This is nice. I really needed this tonight.


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