Star Musing

What tales are told in stars above,

How reflected here below,

What light extinguished in that plane,

Here leaving remnant glow


What universes stretch beyond,

Expand imagination,

What heavenly bodies once foretold

Splutter conflagration


How to attest our ignorance

Even as we learn

To reach beyond with minds, machines

Unto skies for which we yearn


How best to seize this knowledge

And such wonders so profound,

To be among the source of life,

Feet harnessed to the ground


How infinite the galaxies

From atom so compressed,

Energy empowered such

Thus our world is blessed.


What power so held by mighty force

That crushed one atom then

Created all, watched it expand

Source from way back when


A spot of dust became so vast

By massless, weightless form

Light from light eternal

Is this how we were born?


12 thoughts on “Star Musing”

  1. Beautiful! (Note to self…BOOK!!!!) 🙂 By the way, since these lovely verse’s pour out with such ease…have you tried meditating on them? Just curious! 🙂


    1. Funnily enough this one came yesterday evening before heading off to church for the vigil mass of Easter. Once there, it was like lights going on in terms of awareness and understanding. Beautiful music, fire drawn from an elemental source, family sharing, being with others, words with hidden meanings and nuances. It was really special and meditation and reflection was easy.
      I left the poem until this morning in case I wanted to change anything but I didn’t. It seemed so right for what I had first felt and then experienced.
      I’m glad you liked it Mark. I have no problem with science and spirituality sharing the stage. I think the director is the same one. 🙂
      As for other poems, I don’t so much meditate on them as they are often the results of reflection and dreams and thoughts from reading and speculating. So does that count?
      Hope you have a lovely day. I had to sneak this one in for my S contribution before my sister and her family appear for dinner. The smells are driving me insane just now. I’m starving! See, senses and mind. An inescapable combination. 😉 x


      1. They are all forms of meditation. Your genius is to fire up on many instances. Very interesting, in that when you are in a ‘raised’ atmosphere, your ‘muse’ goes ga ga (so to speak 🙂 ). That’s like just being in a constant state and responding on anything that fires a button. An awareness to the world.
        Have a lovely time with family mommus, may the blessings of the day be shared by all. Namaste


      2. My buttons are always being fired I have to own. Not always for the best. But they have their moments. Thank you, Mark. You’re very kind. Blessings to you and yours too. Namaste.x


  2. A fellower star gazer I see. I am always looking at the constellations. Living in the country I see them all and love them. I wish I had a camera lens powerful enough to capture what I see. For now I shall photograph sunsets and rises but my goal is to photograph the stars. One thing at a time I think! Beautiful poem. This is exactly how I feel about this! 🙂 I love how you gave words to my thoughts. 🙂


    1. A worldwide phenomenon from the beginning of time. Highly addictive and I beat I don’t get to see a fraction of what you do considering your glorious array of sky pictures. Just wait till you get a telescope! You’ll be up all night. I’m glad it struck a chord with you. 🙂 x


      1. Oh yes! I have a friend that is going to show me a technique for taking star photos’ if I had a telescope I would be up all night! I didn’t sleep at all the night of the Red Moon! 😄 I didn’t want to miss anything! Once I was up at 5am and in the East sky I saw a meteor shower! It was so fascinating! I wished I had my camera set up! I see these things always and I long to capture them and share them! Living where I do I see them so clearly! 😄😄😄


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