My little slice of Friday heaven just got so much better with this piece of deliciousness. What weekends are for. 🙂

Experimental Fiction

To close my eyes
And see the stars
With night so laid
Before me;
I could not ask
For more than this
While laying here
In glory.

The thickness of
A passing dream
The space between
A heartbeat;
The length of time
From now to then
That makes the night
So complete.

To taste the moon
On lips of blood
And touch the skin
Of beauty;
To gaze in awe
At heavens form
Displayed in you
Before me.

Who knew a night
Could offer so
The chance of sweet
I give my all
And so succumb
To your revealed

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A Little Slice Of Friday Heaven

It rolls on round like…well, like Friday following Thursday. And thank god for it. My little slice of heaven is chilling on a Friday while everyone else does their own thing. TV’s on elsewhere but my I-Pod’s on shuffle to take part in Steve’s Music Mix. Here are the rules if you should want to play along.

Here’s a reminder how it works:

Each week I will post 3 new questions so…

(1) Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
(2) Say the questions aloud and press play
(3) Use the song title as your answers

I am so bad at…..?

Fleetwood Mac, Go Your Own Way

This rings bells. I do get pissed at myself for not doing what I want to do at times. It gets to be a pain in the posterior when deference is made to responsibility so much of the time. C’est la vie. Think I might join the French Foreign Legion.

And I’ve just remembered this. Can’t resist. I love Frank Sinatra.

I am so good at ….?

Tom Jones, She’s A Lady

I’m making no comparisons here. But definitions are relative. I prefer to think of myself as a woman.

I want to be good at…..?

Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, Don’t Give Up

Although I have in the past, ( not for some long time now, Hallelujah!) suffered from depression, I am very optimistic by nature. I work at it too, right enough. I wish I were better at convincing others to be more hopeful too.

And a wee extra because I’m speaking hope and depression. I bought a book of Leonard Cohen’s poems when I was just an angsty wean in high school and, by the gods, he could depress the hell out of you. But I loved his poems. And his music. So here’s a Hallelujah!

Have a fabulous weekend. And keep your chin up. 🙂 x







Perpetuated myth

of stranger evil,

daggers drawn

for devils in


Weird, lurking

creatures, strange of

habit, beware their styles,

their foods, their tongues that lie.

Remember to dissuade

all hope of union,

foreigners fierce,


of eye.


portents, signs,

curses may befall us,

enlist the guard, pogrom,

genocide. Ensure a culture dies.

Propaganda, stereotypical isolation,

belief that diverse





Are we all so

very different?

Two legs, two arms,

One heart, we live, we die.