A Little Slice Of Friday Heaven

It rolls on round like…well, like Friday following Thursday. And thank god for it. My little slice of heaven is chilling on a Friday while everyone else does their own thing. TV’s on elsewhere but my I-Pod’s on shuffle to take part in Steve’s Music Mix. Here are the rules if you should want to play along.

Here’s a reminder how it works:

Each week I will post 3 new questions so…

(1) Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
(2) Say the questions aloud and press play
(3) Use the song title as your answers

I am so bad at…..?

Fleetwood Mac, Go Your Own Way

This rings bells. I do get pissed at myself for not doing what I want to do at times. It gets to be a pain in the posterior when deference is made to responsibility so much of the time. C’est la vie. Think I might join the French Foreign Legion.

And I’ve just remembered this. Can’t resist. I love Frank Sinatra.

I am so good at ….?

Tom Jones, She’s A Lady

I’m making no comparisons here. But definitions are relative. I prefer to think of myself as a woman.

I want to be good at…..?

Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, Don’t Give Up

Although I have in the past, ( not for some long time now, Hallelujah!) suffered from depression, I am very optimistic by nature. I work at it too, right enough. I wish I were better at convincing others to be more hopeful too.

And a wee extra because I’m speaking hope and depression. I bought a book of Leonard Cohen’s poems when I was just an angsty wean in high school and, by the gods, he could depress the hell out of you. But I loved his poems. And his music. So here’s a Hallelujah!

Have a fabulous weekend. And keep your chin up. 🙂 x






35 thoughts on “A Little Slice Of Friday Heaven”

    1. I have not but I’ll check it out. I knew it was Friday this week ‘cos I was back at school. I remind the weans twenty times a day what day of the week it is. Then when I’m off I lose all track of time myself. 😉 x


  1. I normally just read these to check out how your music choices go…but just this once I’ll make a comment….Go Sandra!!!!! 🙂 That is a brilliant video clip with lots of goodies on it…..aah, I’m lost forever…I’ll play this 50,000 times over the weekend. I love you mommus…thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂 Ahem, the other choices are good too 😳


    1. Consider this one for you, Mark. When it came up on the shuffle I went to Youtube and had Tom Jones wiggling his nethers like Elvis on speed. Then I remembered that one of my crew loves the Miss Congeniality movie and that this song featured. Click! I know a man who’d enjoy this, I thought to myself while tearing my gaze away from the incredible image of TJ contorting himself into hernia-inducing gyrations. So, glad to have made your weekend. You might not get much else done now. 😉 x


      1. Probably not a thing will get done….but what a way to go! 🙂 My thanks for unconditional giving and a kindness to a poor soul, while dribbling after your first choice 🙂 Truly a blessing for me, but alas, I can’t return the favour by doing a TJ gyration marathon to some song, video it and return the favour. It would not be a blessing. Stick with Tom, he’s got it down pat. Some people have ‘just got it ‘ 🙂


      2. !!!!!I was doubled watching him! Couldn’t keep a straight face. I prefer Sandra Bullock myself to TJ! But she’s all yours if she’ll succumb. 🙂 Do you know, by any chance, if Hugh gyrates? Just wonderin’. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Mark. Watch out for cross-eye. 😉 x


      3. lol. Now Hugh I don’t know…maybe there is a secret video hidden somewhere waiting to be free to the world. Or you at least anyway. If you got a hold of that, many weekends would be shot 😈
        Have a lovely weekend, may your ‘fantasy’ persist 😉


      4. Oops mommus. That devil wasn’t the cute little one that was next to the description, I assure you. This one looks…well, like a devil. Won’t use that one again. It was meant for your ‘wicked’ thoughts….not the devil the bible throws at us 🙂


      5. Calm me! Calm me, you say? Are you joking me? Just as well I watched these this morning and not last night. Too many slices of heaven to cope with in one evening would have done for me. But to wake up to a dancing, singing, humorous Hugh! This weekend just keeps getting better. Thanks, Mark. This unconditional loving malarkey rocks. You’re a southern star. Just like someone else I know. 🙂 x


    1. It is. You should have a go. I’m rediscovering tunes on my I-pod I’d forgotten about. I rarely play it on shuffle so this is like discovering certain songs for the first time. I’d forgotten how much I liked the Rumours album so I just had a wee listen to the rest after I’d done. 🙂 x


      1. Wouldn’t be as fun. I don’t like listening to most of our radio stations nowadays anyway. I have serious issues with how they handle their shows. I used to be a radio DJ but we were taught the ethics to follow. A lot of the stations today lack this.


      2. You’re probably right. Whenever I do listen to the radio it always seems to be the same songs played over and over on so many stations. I was quite surprised when I learned that the djs didn’t get to create their own playlists which might, at least, give some diversity. It must be a total pain to have to play what you’re told. Not exactly fun.x


      3. We were able to play our own playlists provided that the songs were related to the themes of the programs. I mean, if it was supposed to be a rock show, do not play a rap song.

        It was really a college radio that I was a part of and I guess that’s why we were told to adhere to broadcasting rules and regulations. We were not commercialized as well so we were free to choose what we wanted to play. Even the “commercials” were just stuff we created, some of which were spoofs of actual TV and radio plugs.

        It’s not really the songs I don’t like today. It’s the way they handle programs today. So unethical and unbecoming of professionals. Long story really.


    1. i doubt it. I could write about it but either people won’t really give a hoot to even read it, or I will definitely get a lot of flak especially from their followers. The’ll think such bad comments on their fave station and DJ is a bad comment against them. Also, being “just” a college radio DJ, I will, for sure, be called as plain arrogant, insecure, someone calling attention, know-it-all, antiquated. I do not really want that kind of attention.

      We know how people can be cruel online bullies. Face to face, they’re cowards; online, they feel they have the right to do that. Like in my April 4 post. In the vid, the woman doing the TEDx talk said that growing up, she was never bullied due to her disability. But came the Internet age and suddenly, people found it fair game to insult her due to her disability and race

      LOL!!! From music to radio stations and now race and disability! Sorry I seem to be jumping from one topic to another.


      1. Better being safe than sorry then if there are potential threats from saying too much. Don’t worry about subject changes. I do it all the time. Connections in the brain going through loops. 🙂 x


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