Perpetuated myth

of stranger evil,

daggers drawn

for devils in


Weird, lurking

creatures, strange of

habit, beware their styles,

their foods, their tongues that lie.

Remember to dissuade

all hope of union,

foreigners fierce,


of eye.


portents, signs,

curses may befall us,

enlist the guard, pogrom,

genocide. Ensure a culture dies.

Propaganda, stereotypical isolation,

belief that diverse





Are we all so

very different?

Two legs, two arms,

One heart, we live, we die.


23 thoughts on “Xenophobia”

      1. I’m glad Jen. I know what I’m like come a Friday – full of enthusiasm that it’s here then zonked after a few hours, barely able to keep my eyes open. You must be shattered after your week. I hope things change for the better soon. Hugs.x

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      2. I just spent 2 hours cleaning my place 😦 unfortunately the situation will remain as it is hun, housecleaning now our business interspersed with services… My poor nails 😦 have a lovely weekend and relax if you can too 🙂 xx


    1. Well, l blame the government for a lot of things and I daresay they have their part to play in eradicating ignorance but it’s amazing to me how many people still hold on to cultural bias and general sweeping statements on national identities. Slowly, slowly maybe it will disappear. Thanks for reading and commenting, Chris. I’m happy you liked it.x


  1. And the media, that fuel controversy and division, for ratings. I agree — this is the rise of tribalism and I fear it may turn into fascism if we don’t reverse the trend. Your poem gets to the heart of the matter, simply and elegantly, Anne-Marie.


    1. Thanks, Beth. It never seems to completely disappear. And it’s worrying to hear of names and groups being bandied about as if one person defined all cultures.x


  2. The more we’re different, the more we are the same. Under the skin and color of the hair, all the essentials are the same there. I love stopping by and catching up. So glad I hooked you from my reader, but it’s way late and time for sleep! Hugs, Brenda


    1. Thanks for popping in, Brenda. I’ve reurned to the reader myself with only some email alerts as it was getting ridiculous trying to keep up. I know I must be missing some posts on the reader of those I follow but I’ve tried it a few different ways and this one seems manageable. Kerry had been saying the same thing a wee while ago. Whenever you can get in I’m always glad to see your smiling face. 🙂 x


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