Statue_of_Zeus Wikipedia

Unconsumed deity, sky and thunder,

Lightning bolted eagle trailing justice,

Law and order, punisher of plunder,

Titanic created, lived among us.

Trinitied with sea and hell, your brothers,

Abstracted myth in far-off temple ruins,

Fathering demi-gods, feared by lovers,

Apprehensive, we danced to all your tunes.

With credo of contempt for nymphs and men,

Eroticist, spiritually spent,

From seat of philosophy and reason,

Temporary immortality lent.

Create personified divinity,

Assorted theocentric legacy.

26 thoughts on “Zeus”

  1. this will sound crazy, but I somehow remember Sean Connery saying the name “Zeus” in a movie and it was the most wonderful sound I ever heard in the name’s pronunciation


  2. Fabulous poem! I missed out on in-depth study of Greek mythology in my younger days, so I’m trying to catch up now. May I send this link to a friend on WordPress in connection with her post on Prometheus?


    1. Absolutely. Share away. Maybe you could give me her link too. Unless, of course, it’s Cole because I follow her already and know she did a fab one on Prometheus. Mythology is full of so much colour and hidden and revealed messages. It’s easy to fall in love with it. It’s just so rich in imagination. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. Getting to Z was a challenge that I enjoyed. 🙂 x


  3. Thanks Irina for sending me this poem.
    When it comes to capture Zeus’ main features I’d say you have succeeded Scottishmomus,
    Best regards, Aquileana 😛


    1. Thank you, Aquileana. I wish I’d known about your blog before I started rooting around the internet gleaning more information. You have so much covered there.x


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