Sensory Treasure

I whisper in your heart

to hear your hurting,

I kiss your tears

to taste away your fears,

touch your hands,

absorbing all your feelings,

snuggle close, scenting

pain-filled, broken years.

You gaze into my eyes

to know I’m seeing

all within your soul

you can’t convey.

In sharing all our senses,

flowered open,

love and understanding

feel a way.

I know your soul

by breathing in your essence,

believing all

my senses may reveal,

caring for you whole,

nothing concealed,

and treasure all the scars

I help to heal.


The Hughman for the Day

Now I had to wait until my A-Z of mythology was complete before doing this. In order to give due attention to the magnificence of a fine kilt. Note the way the pattern has been developed and the pleats stitched in just so. There is a fine history of kilt manufacturing in Scotland. And, as something of a patriot, I feel duty bound to display prime examples when they arise. This particular specimen of woven grace really catches the eye and attention to detail will reveal the intricacy of the crafter’s work……….The kilt! Get your eyes on the kilt! The rest is just scenery. Oceanic wonder, sparkling blue sea with just that sprinkle of light-reflected spray. Truly a wonder to behold. I can feel a poem coming on. At least, I think it’s a poem. Hard to tell some days. Orders for kilts can be made via various internet routes. I’ve got mine. Wonder if I could model it with someone. Mythological gods are so over rated. 🙂 x

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