Define it as you will. Define it not and Rome burns again. Mastery in poesy. A message for all ages. And all ages.

Poesy plus Polemics

lost in the gaps
where tight seams
should join generations
smooth transfer of values

cultural legacy
disarms youth against
onslaught of decadence

are we new Rome
eating our glory
starving our virtue
with empty Barbary ethics

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Mathematics Riddle

Right, if I can get this wrong without cheating, so can you. Admission first. I’m fascinated by problems and riddles. But pretty crap at algebra. I would like to know what sort of mathematical ‘geniuses’ are following me. Or, better yet, how honest are you? No peeking at the blog hoster. Or, if you do, own up. I was off by x and y and 5xx and 21 +/-6.
There’s a reason I gave up after ‘O’ grade maths! Language is deffo more my forte. Sorry, deffo?! You know what I mean. Thinking caps on.

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A mother is 21 years older to her son. Six years later, the mother will be 5 times the age of her son.

Tell me what is the father of the said child doing now?

For all of you professors and teachers, just a FYI – this is total mathematics! It’s simply 2 equations to resolve 2 variables denoting the ages of the mother and the child.

Please don’t let your hatred for mathematics bar you from solving this one, IT’S FUN!

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May Music Day 1- Music Filled My Ears

Twindaddy at Stuphblog issued a challenge. From the first of May and for twenty-five days to select a piece of music arising from twenty-five questions posed by him.

1st – a song from your childhood – this one made me quite sad. And happy.

Music filled my ears,

from sweetest voice

I ever heard; my mum.

Songs of love, beautifully surrendered

to family chores

with hugs and tunes by turn.


In simple grace

her words flowed

like a fountain,

sparkling life into the hearts of all

who heard an angel echo every morning,

 called to us to rise, the day begun.


No one heard her voice

without succumbing

to the heart of one who raised all spirits high,

by grace and goodness woven into music

we listened and we learned

from ballads’ sigh.


My father smiled whenever mum was singing,

some chosen for their love,

given free,

others for all children

and god’s pleasure.

And one tune, especially, sung for me.


It followed me through life

when, as requested, I learned

to voice god’s talents handed on,

when dad would ask for my rendition

of the one

all family members called, ‘my song’.


I hear it still from time to time in passing,

I sing along and

memories flood my mind,

of childhood days and melodies imbibed then

from two, whose love

 knew how to warm and bind.


They’re gone now, from this world of lovers,


after many years apart.

I hear them still in music I hold dearest,

still, after all this time,

they fill my heart.