May Music, Day 2 – Fairground Attraction

So Twindaddy wants to know which song I associate with my last ex-boyfriend.

Slight problem.

My last ex- boyfriend is my husband of nearly 27 years. How did that happen? Don’t ask me. I was enjoying the rollercoaster at the time.

Every time.

Every. Single. Time.

From that first meeting.

Every time you looked.

Came near.

Dared to speak.

Every time.


The possibility.

I clenched,

knuckles white,

rode the slow ride,

a semi-death,

anticipating climax

in descent.


Every single time.

A fairground attraction.


Deathly fear in

chamber of horrors

that today,

this moment,

would be

the last today.


Waltzers spinning…..


…..whirling mind…..


Is this love?


Then we would ride


Up, Up, Up!

Neverending upness…..

…..till that peak.


A descent of


Was this love?


I wondered.

I queried.

I asked

of someone,


Was this love?


I begged for answers

to an inevitable future.

No right or wrong  way

of reckoning.


I wondered.

I queried.

I dismissed.

We paused.


We dated again;

the question ever present.

Was this love?

Was this



We talked.

Is this love?


I heard her then.

Asking my questions…..

… a pub…..

… Glasgow.


And I asked,

Is this love?


We looked.

Paused forever


possible ever

or never.

And married

six months later.




13 thoughts on “May Music, Day 2 – Fairground Attraction”

    1. Scary because I don’t know where all the years have gone. Well, apart from having seven weans in the process. That’ll be it. Weans melt your mind.:) x


  1. Well…I am reading your posts but I can’t prove it.
    I am fighting with my WordPress thingee because none of my likes are going thru on anything!
    I get the little pop-up box but no content or acknowledgement of success.
    I am in Michigan now, just north of Detroit.
    I have a lot of free time today and will spend it visiting most everyone’s blogs.
    I am in farm country, BFE, and there are lots of geese and some turkeys too.
    I hope this comment goes thru….


    1. This came through fine Trey. Obviously! 🙂 So did your like. WP just likes to mess with you sometimes, I think. Hope you’re enjoying your peaceful surroundings and that there are no Wal-Marts around. ;)x


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