May Music, Day 4 – Breathe….. Listen…..Look

This one is so much easier than the third one was. Twindaddy is asking, for his fourth question, which piece of music we find calming.

Ever since I heard this years ago it has been one of my favourite pieces of music.

Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits at one of their best. Local Hero/Wild Theme.

The scenery in the area where the movie was filmed is breathtaking. We visited there a few years ago and I wanted to stay forever. Just gorgeous. Enjoy. This one’s for the music and the scenery.

This one’s for the music and watching Mark Knopfler explore the guitar with finger-picking casual elegance and more than a touch of genius.


A few wee bits and pieces about the movie if you’re interested.

Some Info

You can get the whole movie on You Tube! But I’m not being responsible for that link! 😉 Well worth a watch.


I DON’T CARE. I accidentally hit publish on this instead of preview, caught myself in what I thought was the nick of you-know-what and trashed it to be salvaged later for the right day. Restored it from trash and what do you know? Feckin’ 3rd of May shows up. I don’t care. Except, obviously, I do a little. Why isn’t there a little doohickey that says are you sure you want to do this, you might have had too much Drambuie to know what you’re hitting, are you sure, missus? Naw! Too obvious, isn’t it. And it was only a toatie wee Drambuie. I was so busy making sure that I didn’t destroy another laptop with ill-timed hand-eye-Drambuie co-ordination. You’d think WP would know this stuff. Or should that be stuph? Fecked if I know.


May Music, Day 3 – Not Pished (Adult Content – but only slightly!)

No one was pished in the construction of this post.  Although, quite frankly, it’s taken me so long to answer Twindaddy’s third music question, I think I deserve to be.

And this should not have been as difficult as it proved to be. Two songs hit me straight off from my parents.

We often had nights when I was young where a sing-song erupted. My mother sang what I thought was called, ‘Like A Golden Dream’ to my dad when she was being all ‘lovified’. And he would tear up. I know. But that’s love for you.

Anyway, it’s not called, ‘Like A Golden Dream’, as some lengthy time trawling  the internet has proven. It’s called ‘Tosselli’s Serenade’ as far as I can tell. And I found an Italian version sung by Mario Lanza and an English version where the lady in question yodels in it. Yodelling may have its place in the world. But it’s not on my blog.

So you’re stuck with my rendition. If you can find an English version that doesn’t involve yodelling, let me know and I’ll replace mine. (Mibbe!)

Mum and Dad and her song to him

Now, for my dad’s song. This I was most surprised at. After a few jars of Guinness at these soirees my dad liked to pretend to be a bit on the drunken side – ok, he had been lubricated, somewhat – and sang ‘The Seven Drunken Nights’. Now, this is an Irish song and a lot of our music was Irish folk but my dad never sang all of the verses. We used to count out the days of the song and ask why there weren’t seven. My dad would wink and say that he or the guy in the song was too drunk to remember.

Upon researching this song for inclusion here, I now know why the 6th and 7th nights were never included. Auld bugger. No wonder he laughed every time we asked.

The original version was sung by The Dubliners but they were banned, apparently, from singing verses 6 and 7. A few versions of the two omitted verses have sprung up.

Now one version I came across was particularly lewd using a word that rhymes with sock. I’m going for this Irish version by Puca. And be glad I didn’t include my version of this one. 😉