From The Pyre

fuelled passivity

binds the broken dreams,

despoiled wonderland

screened with silent screams.

shifting visions,

inviolate by turns

corrupted carcasses

pyrotechnic burns.

into the west they sail,

fey folk flock like fauns,

unseeing eyes

perceive departing forms.

pink horizon beckons

from pallid fetid flesh,

embark with dreamers to

new soul journey quest.

emblazoned pendant flies

at mast of glory height,

depicting hope at last

from earthbound endless fight.

work the firecrackers,

dazzle with display,

circus pomp or pride,

illusions of the day.

slumbered eyes may view,

through sulphur’s smoky plumes,

radiant new dawn

in ship’s departing spume.

where the fey folk fled,

in dreamers’ rested lands,

there all dreams abide

for restless, yearning hands.

catch the dreamers’ form,

weave the golden net,

where the magic lives

we dwell in unforget.


18 thoughts on “From The Pyre”

    1. Thanks Chris. I was drifting off for a May Day holiday nap when the first stanza popped into my head. Kept repeating them trying not to forget. More started flowing then. Bang went the nap! If I don’t write the words immediately they’re almost always lost to me. Might head for that nap now and see what arises. 😉 x


  1. Where does your mind go when you start to drift to sleep? If this is where, it’s amazing. You are like me, if I don’t write them down immediately, they are lost and gone forever. Very cool write ma’lady 🙂 x


    1. Thank you, Jen. I’ve no idea why it’s either as I drift or come out of sleep that I ‘see’ the words. But, let me tell you, hubby’s never too happy. Scribbling in the dark or trying for a nap while I write furtively, trying not to disturb! I’ve tried to hold on to the thoughts until later but I know I’ll be left with fragments and that’s so annoying. Someone here suggested speaking them into my phone. But I think that would cause even more disruption. Can’t win. ;)x


      1. Be like me, phone by the bedside. As soon as they strike, pull phone quietly under the bed covers, pull the sheet right over your head so you are holding it down. Go to notes…and write like the devil, then quietly replace phone upside down so the light isn’t bright and try to sleep before the next wave of words arrive 😉 x


      2. I do that sometimes with my kindle because it has a backlight but it also has a life of its own for any words I type. I’ve written a few crackers on it that I can hardly decipher in the morning. A bit like some of my handwriting in the dark. And my phone’s garbage. But I’m laughing away here at the idea of both of us under the covers at different points responding to the muse. Because she’s an impatient bugger. Sometimes I just give in and get up. Like today’s nap. Now cleaning bathrooms! Slight change in perspective there. No wonder I dream! 🙂 x


  2. Don’t even mention cleaning! Had 2 jobs today and the last apparently I got bleach on the new clients bathmat… I didn’t even use bleach in the bath 😦 so now I have to check it out and possibly replace and I was told 40.00, the cost of the clean…
    Our muses visit us at the most inappropriate times, this is true. Have fun with the I can’t even say the word 🙂 x


    1. Oh, that sucks. What a bitch! Sorry, but really. All that work down the drain – no pun intended – and having to replace a bleeding mat. Did you try arguing your case? Or do you just have to grin and bear it for the sake of customer relations. I’d be raging.
      Btw, I’m using a steam cleaner. Well, actually, my daughter is! But I’m on it after she’s done with it. No bleach in sight. Then you can’t be falsely accused.
      Someone I vaguely know had a cleaning business going, did a lot of commercial work and now farms it out for others to do while she pays them an amount from the total cost. She seems to be doing well from it and now she’s working doing something else entirely while others do the jobs!x


  3. I thought this was a dark poem at first, but I think it ends up with hope…
    Is it a “rising from the ashes” theme?
    Did I get it right this time…?


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