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Why did The Matrix become such a huge hit?

Dystopian future films have become hugely popular in the last couple of decades. I figure it’s because we’re already there, and this is a way to explore what’s happening without truly acknowledging it’s happening.

Do many already feel like we’re in The Matrix?
A simulated reality where we’re kept complacent and subjugated. 1matrix19

Perhaps our body heat is already being harvested, think about it, corporations plotting to make us fatter because obese people produce more body heat.

Maybe they’ve brainwashed people into having phones or tablets with them at all times so they’ll produce more electrical activity.1matrix15

Is it easier to just live on our computers, cell phones, tablets, and so on, looking at pictures of kittens, tragedies, recipes, hoaxes, optimistic quotes that looking around at what we’ve done? Buying our children electronics, toys, trips, lessons, etc. to make up for…

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2 thoughts on “THE MATRIX”

  1. Both “The Matrix” and “Brave New World” elements are already here! Brain washing is accomplished through our technology, and the political arena is trying to divide us into two fields: the have it all and the have nothing. Is it a perfect setup for a master./slave scenario?Scary.


    1. It is a scary thought. We must control the technology. And the politicians, if they would but let us. Time for changes.There’s a new movie in there somewhere. Utopian, hopefully.x


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