Life’s Puddles

Puddled, muddied

fresh drops,

Chromatic galaxies;

Comparisons dripped

to relieve.


20 thoughts on “Life’s Puddles”

    1. Spot on, Jen! Like a little riddle on life. 🙂 I know what you mean about being first to comment! It’s a brave one that goes there. 😉 But, let’s face it, all art means whatever it means to the observer. Such a subjective experience. And i wasn’t even looking at puddles today. Poets are such liars at times. I’m pilfering that from Richard! He said I could. Unless he was lying. 😉 x


      1. Hysterics here Richard fib? Never 🙂 hell have a go at me for that I’m sure. Yes, sometimes when I’m first I I seeing what they are seeing, am I reading right? is in the eye of the reader as you say. Cheers to you have a lovely weekend gorgeous x


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