May Music, Day 12 – ‘Teenagers scare the living shit out of me…..’

……Only they don’t.

Twindaddy at Stuphblog wants to know for day 12 of the 25 day music challenge what was the last song I heard.

Chemical Romance singing ‘Teenage’ was the last song playing in the car on the way home from work. One of the songs on a CD in the collection that my 16 year old daughter keeps there for her entertainment when she’s out with me or her dad.

We don’t get a choice. Well, except when it’s one I hate and I hit FF saying, ‘No way! That’s shite!’

I usually just press play and whatever she’s been listening to is what I end up listening to. I quite like this song. Even although the lyrics don’t speak for me.

Teenagers are pussycats. I’ve had enough of them to know. Plenty of them have passed through my house over the last umpteen years to know.

Some of them are a pain in the arse at times. But I know adults like that too. Lumping any group together and making a collective statement is never a great idea.

4 thoughts on “May Music, Day 12 – ‘Teenagers scare the living shit out of me…..’”

  1. Totally agree, Anne-Marie: having taught the buggers for thirty years, and now having one of my own, I can honestly say I’d rather have a classroom of the unruliest teens to face than the repulsive collection of wankers, in-breds and bottom-feeders who fill the foetid pools of all the world’s parliamentary/governing systems as far as I can see! xxx


    1. Completely! And the teenage years have to be one of the most difficult stages of a person’s life. I’m amazed they’re as sane as they are. Jeez, I wouldn’t like to go back to then….unless it was with current knowledge and attitude. That could be fun. 🙂 x


  2. Personally I feel a little sorry for this current generation of teenagers; first of all, what have they really got to rebel against (money, technology and freedom seem to be in abundance), and secondly, and I think that this is worse for them, whatever they seem to do has already been done by previous generations, especially when it comes to that bastion of teenage years, music: Teenager:’Listen to these for angst-ridden lyrics’, Parent:’Try listening to The Cure’.
    Need I say more?


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