May Music, Day 13 – Never forgotten

The only person that fits the category of ‘former friend’ according to my initial understanding of Twindaddy’s 13th question in the 25 day music challenge is one I choose not to remember, except to say:

Pernicious she was,

Vampiric bleeder of souls.

Better in the past.

I’ll take it instead to mean friends I’ve lost touch with for one reason or another. I still think fondly of them and know it would be like picking up where we left off should we meet again. Those people I consider as friends are never lost to my affections. One, in particular, I hope to catch up with in the fairly near future, all things going well.

For all friends that I may have lost touch with, because life takes us different places, I think of James Taylor with ‘You’ve Got A Friend’.


6 thoughts on “May Music, Day 13 – Never forgotten”

  1. I can be extremely sentimental at times, so up to now, I can’t get over the hurt of losing friends not just because we lost touch but because for reasons unknown to me, they either chose not to be friends with me or just decided to drop out of my life. I had asked them what was wrong and I was ready to apologize for anything, but they never told me anything. Makes me wonder if I’ve been a bad friend, but I would do better if they just told me the problem, if there was even any. The fact that they said there was a problem just made me feel worse.


    1. That’s not easy at all. But I guess some people are only meant to be there for a time. It doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. They’ve moved on. And I suppose we must do the same. If they say you’ve done nothing wrong, I would go with that and just accept it. Lifelong friends are a rarity I think. But those that are are worth their weight in any substance known.x


      1. I’ve been moving on ever since. It’s just a bit of a slow process for me. I really do want to speed it up, but the heart does not want to cooperate much with the mind. Still, it’s the moving on that matters. I just don’t bother them anymore and I don’t bother myself much about them. The sting is still there but it will heal in time. You can’t make people stay if they don’t want to.


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