May Music, Day 15 – Yes! Perfectly Caledonian – with some Dignity

I’m one of these annoying buggers that sing along to a lot of songs. Sometimes even just the ones in my head.

But, singing along and singing along can mean quite different things depending on the occasion.

For this one, think party, people, alcohol imbibed in sufficient quantity to be somewhat reckless in demeanour (pished), end of the night, dj with a smart sense of how to wrap up an evening. Everybody loves everybody else. Oh, yes, everybody loves everybody else. (Except for that wee shite over there that’s asking for a belt in the mush.) Arms around shoulders, linking one to another. Think, swaying in time with stupid grins plastered. Think, starting slowly and then trying to keep up, arms and legs flailing while singing (shouting) along. Timing becomes nothing. Participation is all. Ach, you’d have to be there. And we have, Runrig with ‘Loch Lomond’.

Quieten down for a more melancholy sort of pished and we have, Dougie MacLean with ‘Caledonia’.

Speaking of pished. Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) and we have, Eddi Reader with ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

And I can’t include Eddi Reader here without including one of my favourites of hers from when she sang with Fairground Attraction. And it’s a different sort of pishing down here. ‘Perfect’.

I had no idea when I began Twindaddy’s 25 days of music challenge how difficult it would prove to be. For a number of reasons. Nor that it would create a monster. I am currently incapable of choosing one song only. But, if you all only listen to one, listen to Dougie MacLean singing ‘Caledonia’. It’s perfect. Yes, for home.

And maybe some ‘Dignity’. Because the two of them kinda go hand in hand.

There’s more to Scotland than all portrayals. Including mine.





24 thoughts on “May Music, Day 15 – Yes! Perfectly Caledonian – with some Dignity”

      1. Now, PANTS means something different across the waters that divide, as you possibly know. No Scotsman would wear pants under his kilt. But he might wear them under his troosers if he’s inclined. 😉


      2. Underpants….Think I might have to compile a wee list of words that divide the common language. Quite a few by my reckoning. I’ve been caught out here a few times. Makes for confusing moments…


      3. I’m imagining we’ve been exposed to an awful lot more American TV than Americans have to British. We’ve had years learning to ‘translate’. Still get caught out though when new words creep in. So many American expressions become incorporated into use but not words like sidewalk, diapers, trunk, hood, bangs…..It goes on. I’ve seen me using this as a lesson in school as kids watch loads of American shows but don’t necessarily know exactly what’s being said. I remember watching the film ‘Don’t Eat The Daisies’ as a kid and being horrified at the use of the word ‘fanny’. It has two meanings here. And neither are the same as yours! 🙂


      4. Yes, lol, I know what fanny means over there. Another British blogger I know wrote a post about laughing very hard at the word fanny-pack. That one I did NOT know until I read her post.


      5. There was a wonderful ad on the TV over here a few months back where the word was used to mean eejit/clown/diddy/fool/etc but, because of its significant other meaning, when I first heard it in company with my kids we were all aghast for the duration of the ad and then doubled over at the end of it. Every time it was on afterwards we pished ourselves laughing. Folk were talking about it everywhere for its daring and humour. A real belter! I really must find the link! The odd thing is that it’s actually used as a female name. Imagine!! Shit, I’m laughing away just thinking about the ad. Doesn’t take much to amuse me. 🙂 x


      6. Just about one of the best things going, imo. Can’t beat a good bellyaching laugh. 🙂 I found the link so I may try to add it later, give anyone who wants, a chuckle. Did it for me all over again.
        Just can’t do it on my stupid kindle at the mo.


      7. Aye well, I’ve handwritten a rough copy but it’ll have to wait. Tweaking tomorrow’s music day. This is draining my soul! Revenge will be sweet at some point. 🙂


  1. Wonderful, Anne-Marie – your pished section is hilarious and so totally recognisable! xxx


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