May Music, Day 18 – Come away, come away….Tonto!

Thank gawd for an easy one.

I’m no classical music connoisseur. I have a collection of Yoga CD’s I sometimes use to fall asleep to. They don’t disturb hubby when I’m having a restless night.

This particular section isn’t actually on the collection but is one I’ve always loved from the days when the rousing tune was used as a theme for a the British TV series, ‘William Tell’.

From the time Tonto ran with The Lone Ranger.

From the day, many years later, when the brother of a good friend of mine played this, at extreme volume in his car, taking us away for the day from long term voluntary work for a jaunt to the seaside.

I must have been tripping on sweet release at the time because, as it played, I swear all the pedestrians were walking and talking in time to the music.

A little slice of something I don’t listen to very often but do love, as TD’s 18th question for the 25 days of music challenge.



18 thoughts on “May Music, Day 18 – Come away, come away….Tonto!”

  1. I can’t stop laughing as I read it that you relaxed to YODA Music.. Oh dear I’m deliriously daft right now. I do love a bit of William…I mean Overtell..I’m more a Harry girl..ok I am now leaving before I make more of a fool of myself. ❤ xx


  2. Love this! Funny, I used to play this on my laptop for my former roommate as she would rush to get ready in the morning. 😀 We always laughed about it. Thanks for that memory.


  3. Hearing it again, instead of the memory of it in my mind’s ear, so to speak, it really is a beautiful masterpiece. Elegantly rendered. I turned up the volume to give me an afternoon boost. 🙂


    1. It is an energising piece. Listening to it again myself and watching the range of instruments being played so masterfully I was struck by how simple it all seems and yet how much skill goes into the process of making it seem so. Glad you enjoyed it, Beth. I really should listen to it more often. That and others I’ve ‘forgotten’ about.x


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