May Music, Day 19 – What’s Yours Is Mine – And Vice Versa

It’s taken me some time, though it’s still not an established fact in entirety, that some things in our home do, in fact, belong only to me.

I’m now fairly certain of finding most of my stuff where I left it. Mostly. Some things, however, still get lifted and meddled with. My phone was a case in point. Up until I put a lock on it, I was never quite sure which new background pic would greet me on any given day. Ditto with my laptop. Having a lock on both now means that I no longer have pictures of someone’s big toe staring at me or a wean’s selfie with appended message, ‘Do you love me? Admit it, I’m your favourite child!’

There’s a lot to be said for communal living. Folk tampering with my toys is not one of them.

Except I have no one to blame but myself for this next part. On first taking possession of my I-pod a few years ago – a ‘free’ gift with a new phone – I had no clue how to work it. One of my daughters took me, and it, in hand and downloaded all of her songs from her media library onto the contraption and showed me how to press a few strategic buttons. She helped me add a bunch  of my own. She doesn’t live here any more. So I’m stuck with her tunes and mine living together in some disharmony.

This one’s ok as the first, alphabetically, on my playlist. But it’s not one I would have downloaded myself. But, as Twindaddy’s asking, for question 19 of the 25 days of music challenge, what comes first, this is what you get. What’s mine, or not, is yours.

Anyone know how to delete without erasing the entire thing? No? Me neither.

A19 – Maximo Park


20 thoughts on “May Music, Day 19 – What’s Yours Is Mine – And Vice Versa”

      1. I can’t believe that in all the years I’ve been listening to music I’ve obviously not given songs much more than a passing thought in terms of what they meant to me. So, yeah, you’ve totally ruined music for me! Lol!


      2. Now sitting in total silence,,,,,…all I can hear is a ball being stoated about outside, the dulcet tones of weans squealing….who needs music?…loading it on here…


  1. Not a bad song. It’s funny, my husband and I share vinyl records. 8 tracks and CDs, but iTunes, 45s, and some others clearly belong to one or the other. And I am learning to enjoy silence as I get older. lol


  2. oh my god…
    i have whole playlists from my 21 year old son in my iTunes, for the same reason…i didn’t know how to do it. Plus he used to steal my account to buy stuff, which is another story.
    Laughing at this.


    1. I’ll have to wait till my daughter – same age – is free at some point to talk me through it all. I’m scared to touch it in case I remove everything!
      Password changes all round on the I-tunes then? 😉 x


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