Hold On

Goodbyes sharpen sorrow sought in knowing,

Questions why and how death transmutes all time,

Farewells find pained pleasure in past knowing

Shared memories, now shrouded, once sublime.

Goodbyes taint the wonder felt in chances

Life would last and sad endings were a lie,

Farewell’s  truth, untempered circumstances

Lost, the fleeting moments, censured to die.

Tho’ goodbyes break hearts with swollen starkness,

Unsheltered from the form of wailing near,

Tho’ farewells fling souls to doom and darkness,

Whispered voices can ease our unshed tears.

Goodbye to fears and could have tales we told,

Farewell to grief, each heart the light must hold.

11 thoughts on “Hold On”

  1. this is beautiful in the shades of farewells, we never won’t to have to say
    Thank you for a good read this morning
    Take Care…You Matter…


  2. This is so beautifully written! Really liked ‘Goodbyes taint the wonder felt in chances’. Just a few days back I was thinking of goodbyes and how we all definitely need more hellos 🙂

    To wonder hidden in chances! xx


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