Simple Pleasures – Reasons To Be Happy

I haven’t won the lottery

Though I’m hopeful that I might ( so are a few other people)

No holidays are booked yet

But I have one in my sights. ( ferry boats and bookings allowed)

There’s a simple sort of pleasure

In a day that’s dry and fine, (Scottish ‘summer’)

I get to have my washing out and gaze

While sipping on red wine. ( sorta self-explanatory, I’d have thought)

Reason to be happy!

Ok I’m going out. Don’t look at me like that. I’m entitled. I know I’ve got catch-up reading to do.  But I’ve done some catch-up, you might have noticed. It’s the first day of my 4 day weekend. Whoot! Reason to be happy.

I got all my washing outside to dry today. RTBH!

I even did some of that thing…you know, housework. Not much. I’m not an idiot. RTBH!

School work’s up to date. RTBH!

Weans are fed and waattered! All had outings! Two reasons to be happy!

Still to do a post for Twindaddy’s 24th day of the music challenge. *sigh* But I know what it is and what I’m gonna write. Whoot! Big reason to be happy.

So, happy weekend, a’body! And remember to smile when the weather lets you air your smalls. 🙂  Not mine, obviously, d’uh! We lassies keep our sexies out of sun glare. 😉 Reason to be happy. Not mine. Just somebody else’s. Well, that’s mine too. RTBH!

P.S. Don’t enhance the laundry. I might fail the Persil challenge. But I’m damn well gonna finish the music one. Happy!

washing day 004

Oh. And one more. I took possession of Rara’s comments book today. So many people supporting and loving this lovely lady and Grayson. Let’s see if we can help make them happy..


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  1. Smalls lol have t heard that for some time, it’s a great word. I am sure you have your sexies, in a better place than blowing in the Scottish winds. Glad the sun has come out for you and that you have a 4 day break, big Whoot to that! Ech I have housework to do today…my own 😦 x


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