Born On A Dark Night

I’m a wuss….and I know it. Some people just do darkness so well. When I read or watch certain things I always keep a cushion close by. I’ll read this one again…..right after I’ve found a cushion to cower behind. Why is fear so deliciously frightful? No answers to me. I already know why. We wusses have analysed this stuff.

Experimental Fiction

Born on a wild night
Wicked and black
I appear in your mirror
Just as you turn your back.

Eyes that transfix
As you cry burning tears
Staring too long
Reveals deepest held fears.

The shadow that passes
The sound in the night
The breath on your pillow
To cause nightmares in flight.

From what darkened hollow
Does this creature appear
When then moon is in waning
And the sky pure and clear.

What horror awaits
When you’re left all alone
And the king of your terror
Appears on his throne.

So sleep with a light on
And fear the dark night
For I will be watching
Until dawns saving light.

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