Chantilly Dreams

…and we drift

off into oblivion,

sheltering sanity and cost to trust,

reposed breaths taken to ease,

soughing breezes without,

chantilly draped eyes cease to view,

seeing only treasure scapes unfolding within,

spiralled connections,

vanilla’d comfort,

cream-coated tendrils woven in dreams…


13 thoughts on “Chantilly Dreams”

  1. Anne Marie, I’ve been missing you. I love this one, especially the end, “vanilla’d comfort, cream-coated tendrils woven in dreams…” Great sensory language. Your mood lately seems somber. Weighted by the world troubles. I liked the post where you celebrated your family with numbers a lot. Now I’m off to work on my novel again. Hugs, Brenda


    1. Thanks, Brenda. You’ve had quite a catch up. 🙂 I’m fine, just mulling things over and jumping from subject to subject. I do that.
      I hope the novel’s progressing well. You must be up to your ears. Take care.x


      1. Oh yes! School closs on the 25th for around six or seven weeks. Praying now for weather like last year when summer actually came and stayed for a while. It’s good to spend relaxed time with the kids, lazy days and paddling pools hopefully. I hope you get the chance for some r&r in the middle of all you’ve got going on.x


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