Rebuilding Bridges

Our realities were where they lived. They had always lived among us. Mingling and breeding, filtering the external ugliness over millenia, shape-shifting within families, extending their reach and influence, feeding their appetite for souls. We bled spiritual plasma to these psychic vampires; the Trolls piercing, sucking us almost dry and moving on to greener pastures while burning our bridges between the possible and the proscribed. Sometimes the medication helped, blurred the edges of the fairy tale we lived. Sometimes nothing helped. Spent souls huddled in silence awaiting the Banshee, keening their need to end the days, pleading for the stake that would ease their pain and transformation. Some bridges remained. We began the Rebuild.


15 thoughts on “Rebuilding Bridges”

  1. Love this – a really stimulating piece around which all sorts of stories emerge. Clearly an alegorical tale (or part of one) and a great metaphor for where we find ourselves. Thanks, I enjoyed reading this!


    1. Hi, it’s the first chance I’ve had to get back to you on your piece. I popped over the same day and had a read and read all the comments. What struck me from the very beginning was how well-suited it would be to something like ‘The Twilight Zone’. The subject matter is a disturbing one, no doubt of it, but the way it is written feels like a voice recount. Like a detached, disembodied ( no pun intended) viewer taking an unemotional look at something shocking. I think that’s why I could see it more as a play for theatre or TV. I could see the participants almost as shadowy background although they have voice and participation. The main feeling though is that the narrator holds court as the viewer of the piece, making no judgements, while the play unfolds. If you’ve ever watched any of the TZ you’ll know where I’m coming from.
      I don’t know if I’m making much sense to you here but I ‘saw’ it like that. I think you’ve done a really good job on a very difficult subject. The style you employed by using the awards ceremony is very clever in that these ceremonies are self-conglatultory affairs and it would be almost expected that, like all ‘professions’, your actors would have a similar event. It’s a bizarre twist on the reality of this custom.
      I hope that’s been of some help. Although I rather suspect it might sound a bit garbled. I’m no reviewer. 😉


      1. Let me tell you, I am a big fan of ‘The Twilight Zone’, so all of my work is more or less inspired from it. And you are right, that it has a feel of TV or play, I watch a lot of movies and tv series, so it is entirely possible.
        Your analysis is quite accurate. And right now I’m feeling proud that my work reminds you of TZ, I cannot expect better compliment.
        Thanks a lot for your feedback, it has boosted my spirit.
        And in future, I am planning to give a proper tribute to TZ, it would be like modern day episode of TZ.


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