The Meaningful Key

Minus mic,

his voice still carried,

barely and with just enough humour

to detect genuine humility

and passion.

He spoke

of early sadness,

not being good enough


finding meaning.

He spoke

of childhood,

of family split

and dodging school

to fail.

He spoke

of finding

worth in himself

through purpose

and work

and sharing

a shed

with rats,


scary spiders

and other youths

in a far-off land

where native children

were taught in awe and desperation,

drinking thirstily,

desperate for education.

He spoke

of forgiving himself

and his mum,

of whispered prayer

to find strength.

He spoke

of changes

in direction

to aspire

to doctor dream,

of local service

then returning

to Africa,

giving back

what he had found.

He spoke

of waiting soon

his first child –

to spontaneous applause

at his awed thrill.

His face lit

the stage.

A lad, I thought,

of tender years

for nothing


his glowing face.

But experience

lent truth

to his age

and joy in life.

From sad and broken beginnings,

he spoke,

while I choked back tears

at radiant happiness

and a voice

that spoke

to youths

and adults alike.

He spoke

of finding

the meaningful key.


12 thoughts on “The Meaningful Key”

  1. Beautifully written momus! A moment in time to feel that connection, the love that created that key, so that others may benefit in the gift of his giving. It is a significant moment, thank you for sharing. Namaste


    1. Thanks, Mark. He was a very inspiring speaker and yet so normal! No front about him at all. An ex-pupil of my daughter’s school who’d been invited to speak at their awards ceremony. I think everyone was touched by his honesty and moved by testimony of a life so turned around. And all inside twenty minutes. My kind of speaker!
      I hope you’re doing well on all your projects, Mark and life is being good to you.x


      1. It was well written to show the good that has come from such a hard life. I’m going good but I have elected to do one of those things in life that we all shudder at….moving house!!! It was time to begin my healing from another direction. I will begin the book while doing healing as well. The journey has begun. Mind you, my thinking is a little backward. I felt I could move some of the furniture (with my emphysema mind you), and now paying the price. Feel like I’ve been run over by a truck 🙂


      2. Ughh, shuddering to even think about it. All that packing and unpacking, paperwork, cleaning! We’ve never had the movers in any time we’ve changed house but there’s a lot to be said for someone else doing all the heavy work. Is this the move you spoke of before taking you back to old grounds? It’s exciting though if you’ll be starting on a new healing path. And the book! Will you have time to adjust before embarking on all new ventures? A bit of breathing space. I hope so. Then get wired in. 🙂 x


      3. Breathe…is that where you stop and watch the roses grow? 🙂 Spirit gave me a nudge and said ‘it’s time’. So far the only thing being tested is my body, mind you, that won’t take too much 🙂 Otherwise all under control…and…just to confirm it, I had dolphins jumping out of the water in front of where I’m now at. Now that was a welcome party! 🙂 When I get a chance I’ll take a pic and put it up in my gallery for you. Right, back to work, another day of finding things that I thought I had lost 🙂


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