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Oh, my gawd! The tears are running down my face. Mibbe ye huv tae be Scottish tho’. This guy’s site has given me such a laugh tonight. He might be the Dribbling Pensioner but he’s produced a whole other set of dribbles for me tonight. Cheers, Harry! 🙂


This is a new lift / elevator which is going to be fitted around the world through time, but according to this video it has a few technical hitches to get sorted before then.

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9 thoughts on “Voice recognition lift- eleven – Captioned | Dotsub”

    1. I’ve had such fun here tonight. I don’t know when I last laughed so hard. I’m on your joke site now!
      I saw that someone else had reblogged so figured it was ok. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks so much for the humour. 🙂 x


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