Inner Eye

I built castles in the sky,

You destroyed with sneering eye,

The clouds I wove to cloak my soul

You dispersed – a pointless goal-

To prove to me that dreams and  flair

Were naught but smoke adrift in air.

But still I build a staircase wide,

Earthen bricks joined side by side

With fairy dust and faith and hope,

An optimist’s plaited, tangled rope

Suspended from the tower ledge,

Escapee’s route for lover’s pledge.

And, in the abseil from that place,

My eyes stay fixed on grace’s face,

Formed in clouds in my own sky,

Where none may blind my inner eye.


24 thoughts on “Inner Eye”

  1. You weave words so magically, I particularly like the phrase “with fairy dust and faith and hope”.


  2. This is amazing. Well done, and thank you for sharing. I especially like the clouds you “wove to cloak” your soul. Perfect words!! 🙂


    1. Do you do that too?! I read aloud so many of those poets I follow that I forever sound as if I’m talking to myself. Thank you for reading and such a positive comment, Chris.x


    1. I’m thinking that in order for something to feel amazing, it must be because it speaks to something you already know. Which kinda means that you are ambazing. We feel. We know. How cool is that?! I’m in awe that anything I could write rings bells with someone else. Thank you for such an amazing compliment. Dream on.x


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