Gondoliers of Light

surreal pic 1

Navigated clouds, we did,

Packed for journey’s end,

Gondolier’d beams’ passages

Through gate of soul’s best friend.

Rode on waves of denser mass,

Cast shadows far below,

Soared to heights of ecstasy,

Paid dues for Peter’s show.

Lived the light, drank in its worth,

Streamed it through the night,

Believed in dawn, its heraldry,

Basked in glory bright.

Travelled far in torpor’s wake,

Languid in our bliss,

Transcended life in heaven’s arms,

Partook of its warm kiss.

Image courtesy of sattva / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


22 thoughts on “Gondoliers of Light”

  1. the title immediately brought to mind my beloved Venice and it’s unique golden light – but what you delivered was quite different and so much more – you use the operative word near the end – it is very much in the style of the best transcendentalist poets


    1. I can depend on you to further my education, Paul. I didn’t know of the American Transcendentalist Movement till I looked it up after this comment. After reading about them I’m tickled pink that you should compare my poem to this movement. I’m going to look into them some more. And I here I was classifying this as a bit of surrealism in the school of ‘Yes’. Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment and for broadening my horizons. From what I’ve read of this movement, so far, I think I like their style. Go me! 🙂 x


    1. Ooh, I wish I’d said that!
      Btw, I can’t comment on your replies. Heehaw is coming up to press. What gives, I wonder. Just on your site. You been messing with the buttons?!


    1. Many thanks. I believe I will be sticking with you for a while. I like your poetic style very much. A different sort of cadence to my knowing. Another journey begun in gondolas and children named for magpies. Namaste. Well met.x


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