Soul Seekers

Yesterday the only blogger I’ve ever collaborated with…sounds rude, doesn’t it?!…reblogged our collaboration and inspired me to ask for more. Watch this space!

In the meantime, one of my other favourite people, Mark, wandered out from Australia’s bush territory, haggard and drought-ridden, in need of nurture by a Scottish handmaiden – ok, get with the programme, it’s not called poetry for nothing! – and has been settling in to a new way of life with the promise of his healing gifts being used for the benefit of many.

We got chatting…as you do.

And lo and behold, something he said triggered a response in me that led us to this collaboration in the comments section! I’m chuffed as f…anything. There’s a little magic in the moonlight and some wanderlust in souls that seek to find.

Soul seeker,

journey far in waxing, waning moon…

 Heart healer,

words of healing, life in tune…


Believe then, in magic,

writ by silver’d stars…

 And belief within,

Life open, without bars…


Hush, spirit, listen well,

heed that aching need…

 To find the truth,

the beginning of a seed…


Be still, in the knowing,

Let silence fill your mind…

 A gift from up above,

a wonder you will find…


No magic be cast here,

Mere souls in perfect tune…

 With love and a sharing,

Perfect harmony with the moon…


Be faithful to the aching…

The voice that cries within…

 For in that understanding,

is a love that’s always been.



37 thoughts on “Soul Seekers”

    1. That’s only the second time I’ve done it. And that one was just through the comments. I suppose it is a wee bit different in that you do relinquish some control. But both have to be happy with it. So there’s no real risk of producing something that you don’t like, I guess. But I do get the control thing. I have been known. 😉 x


    1. Thanks, Beth. I’m on into yours just now. I have a collection built up in email. I always need to give some thought to your postings so have to wait till I’ve got time! On it now. See you there. 🙂 x


  1. Thank you my friend, it was very different, I have never ‘collaborated’ a poem before. You have taken me on a new journey….thanks for the ride! 🙂 Namaste


    1. Not bad for a comments collaboration, eh? lol! Must check out how long that took! Fast and furious by my reckoning. I enjoyed it too, Mark. Now go gettem! Namaste. 🙂 x


  2. I have done collaborations on the other poetry website I have with Miriam, sadly we haven’t been able to write any for a long time, I love it, it’s interesting two minds melding. x


      1. I’ve had a sneak peek. And look forward to getting into it some more. We can work on something as soon as you like. I’m now on holiday for six and a half weeks! Well, a half has gone now. And I’m heading to Ireland for a wee visit in the next couple of weeks. No internet connection! I think I’ll be lucky if the cottage is on the grid! My weans are gonna kill me. There’s no TV either! Can’t wait. 🙂 x


      2. I don’t know if I could do internet I mean.
        I so love Ireland – enjoy. Thank you for looking, there are some interesting pieces. Let me know, i’ll muster my muse and see what we can come up with ~ smiles xx


      3. I know! I’ll be having withdrawal symptoms from t’internet! Sure I’ll cope though as long as we get lots of beach days and country walks.
        I loved the poems you and your friend did on friendship. I don’t know her obviously but she was spot on with you.
        We’ll have a think on. I’ll look out for some pics online.
        Hope things are a wee bit more like the thing, Jen. Hugs.x


      4. Thank you for saying that and for looking. Yes if you can keep,occupied then it shouldn’t worry you ..too much ~ smiles. Experiencing a bit of calm last couple,of days, hanging on to these moments. Hugs & love xx


  3. there is something very saucy about your poems. I cannot quite put my finger on it but there is. Your writing is not about sadness, no indeed not. You are coming from a happier place. A place of quiet musings and a gentle shower of “I’m glad to be alive!” I like that. thanks eve..
    No magic be cast here,

    Mere souls in perfect tune…

    With love and a sharing,

    Perfect harmony with the moon…

    nice verse….

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