Heaven Forfend!

Heaven forfend!

gasped gaze to stuttered winks 

ruptured navy sky,

bombarded stars with accursed dimming dust,

acquainted light with shadowed


merged eclipse to one darkness.

Heaven,  offended, blinked sad eyes,

dispelled day

and bowed.

16 thoughts on “Heaven Forfend!”

    1. I never even thought of this for that although I was wondering what I could do for my American friends. Have to give that one some thought. Maybe there was a little synapse jumping going in the dual process. God knows, this was a five minute job just before ready to shut eyes. The mind! Does my head in. 🙂 Glad you liked it, Beth. Sometimes I have absolutely no idea where they come from. But I’m not complaining! x


      1. It was an outpouring of the most incredible love. And all else stopped and bowed to it because of the beauty of what it was and where it came from. That is why it can feel so overwhelming. And since my post yesterday I have this strange feeling that I haven’t fully understood just what spirit said. I mean I know exactly what spirit said, but I’m not 100% sure of my part in it. And I think it has to do with where my heart still is…with regard to the lady. I may, possibly, sort of, could, a little bit, kinda, might be….still feeling the rejection and hurt and ‘trying’ (there’s that word again), to be that unconditional love, as I was shown by spirit when I was with her, but do it without the ‘trying’ bit…and just be me! Might need some time to digest this one some more I think 🙂


      2. She has given me the utmost courtesy but very distant. I think it was for me to truly let go. Otherwise how will Sandra Bullock come into the vacuum if i still have feelings for another 🙂


      3. Good point! I’d be raging if my feelings were otherwise engaged and Hugh made an appearance. Oh, bollocks! they are! That’s my chances blown. But you’re good to go. Just hold that thought the next time you meet the lady in question.Then you can look at her and smile to yourself, ‘Hi hon, looking good. But you’re no Sandra Bullock!’ Or would that just be mean? Need a bit of spiritual guidance in my philosophy obviously! Have a great day, Mark and go with the flow. 🙂 x


      4. No, I could never do that. But you give much wisdom anyway my friend, going with the flow sounds like a plan. By the way, couple of photo’s up in the gallery for your perusal 🙂 Take care momus and thank you for your friendship, it is gratefully accepted 🙂 Namaste


      5. I know you wouldn’t, Mark. But I might think it! 😉 Self-preservation, you know? I’ll get on in to see your pics. And going with the flow is always a good option when we don’t know where else to go right off! Your friendship is appreciated too, Mark. Namaste.x


  1. Five minutes? You whipped out this little ditty in the time it takes me to brush my teeth? Oh my godfathers, I couldn’t whip this out in five years.
    Your poetry, Anne Marie, is an example of how words wish to be known and used. Dictionaries should be writing you thank you notes.
    Stunning stuff!


    1. Wow, thank you! I’m flattered you think so highly of my poems. It’s odd that some do come so very quickly but, upon reflection, I suppose it may be that things are mulling away in the background and then the words themselves just express whatever has been brewed. The mind’s a funny old llace, for sure. Thank you for reading and commenting. I’m delighted you do.x


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