We Write…

We write of summer meadows and of dewdrops,

Of circles caught in circles in our mind,

Of senses’ fantasies that beg releasing, in

Images that seep on page to find

Recognition in the land of journey

Of imagination played before our fluttered eyes,

Of colours bright or muted, freed from prism,

Of right or wrong, of truth, of evil lies.


We write of winter howling in bare treetops,

Of geometric tangents linked with space,

Of god and gifts and sad laments of knowing

Revealed inside the gifs behind our face,

Of politics and grace and favour owing,

Of how, by nature, owls seek out and track their prey

While, through the night, their silent wings stir currents,

Nocturnal voice, soft breathing held at bay.


We write at dawn and in night’s tiptoed torment

Of tales and thoughts, common to us all,

Of worlds within the world we all are sharing,

We write, in honesty, must be the greatest call

Of those drawn to the world of language,

In letter’d form, placed hesitantly, upon page,

Hit ‘publish’ while our hearts on white are crafted,

Daring reciprocity or rage.


Of ballerinas twirling in their jewel box,

When opened to reveal our trinkets there,

We write and dare our eyes to endless wonder,

We write, we risk our souls to honest bare.

We write because not doing is no option,

Words bedevil, haunt with no regret,

Spectral forms hover oe’r us, in cloud lexicon,

Begging exorcism on the net.


We write in music, pictures and prose poetry,

In art, in forms all risen from the pyre

Of ashen phoenix, from a long tradition

Of pigments mixed in charcoal from the fire.

In black and white, in colours that suffuse us,

Permeate the gases of our form,

Our nebula of knowing that what moves us,

Communication, as the human norm.


We write when tears are forming on our eyelids,

Smudging ink that proves our hearts still feel,

In anger, too, spilled blood from ancient consciousness,

We write to justify our thoughts are real.

We write because we see all souls are hurting,

As mine does too, from time to time, no less,

We write as union with the great unknowing,

One cell from shared communion that we bless


In knowing that no trouble that we carry

Need be borne alone no matter where we are,

Our words are missiles, more powerful than nuclear,

They are the love that nurtures near or far.

The word is flesh, the word is souls abiding

In light, its form, its earthless, weightless mass,

In silence and in photonic dark room,

One word may mean more than all the rest.


We write of dreams succumbed to when we’re sleeping,

Of daydreams caught in shower’s gentle sting,

Of justice, truth, of pain, of deep depression,

Of cloud release ascended on the wing.

Of tender-hearted moments that we’ve nourished,

Of visions seen in skies, on mountain peaks,

We write of all that’s conjured in our musings,

We write because some words are hard to speak.











43 thoughts on “We Write…”

    1. Still working on a few things at the same time at this end, Mark. Bit like yourself. 😉 It’s a wonder minds don’t implode. But it makes for interesting fun. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 x


      1. Very much so! I’m just trying to repair myself before I get into the swing of my book. I think what happened in my last post has rocked the boat a little. Need time to assimilate what was meant for me in that. As I said, I know what was said to me, but it affects so much of who I am/was/will be! I feel it is changing me quite distinctly underneath and is one of those things that may take a little while. Anyway…your book awaits you 🙂


      2. You take all the time you need to be ready. I’m enjoying some time with my crew now that holidays are upon us. And more to follow. Think I might need to go back to list-making! Nah, that’s a bit desperate….just going with the flow. 🙂 x


      1. There must be something in the air. Today, I’ve read quite a few posts on the theme of writing and also a number of people feeling a bit jaded about it. Wonder if we’re all wondering why we do it. 😉


  1. “One word may mean more than all the rest”, and there you have it! Well done, I read that line and then listened to you read it. The visual was just popping out of it. Thank you, really enjoyed this!!!


  2. I had to re-read it because I was occupied with listening to your wonderful accent the first time! 😀 That said, it’s a very lovely poem, A-M 🙂


  3. So, so lovely, Anne-Marie. While the entire poem and your oral rendering of it struck me so beautifully, these lines: “We write, we risk our souls to honest bare. We write because not doing is no option” struck me to the core. Thank you for expressing what we all feel so deeply. ❤


  4. ‘We write as we see all souls are hurting….’
    wonderfully evocative – goes straight to the heart, so great to have discovered you Ann-Marie!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂


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