In The Cloisters

One of my nieces graduated yesterday from Glasgow University, a beautiful young woman now independent from the hallowed halls of a structure of sublime architecture. My camera phone does not do the cloisters justice but I hope my words may. There were tears of pride and happiness as the 100 or so new graduates from the Veterinary School took their Hippocratic Oath and tears of familial love as the sworn-in veterinarians applauded their family and those who had guided their path for their five years of study. It was very moving. I slept for 10 hours straight when I came home!


The cloisters


Under shelter’d walkway ’round the courtyard of my soul,

In custom-built protection I may stroll

Some time or two, meandering in seclusion,

In contemplating fragments of the whole.


Colonnades supporting covered arches, portico to all that lies beyond,

Finger’d thoughts meander deftly, softly, touching swaying ferns and synapse’d fronds,

Face uplifted to the filter’d breezes,

Spirit sails on sun-streaked golden pond.


Arcade where columns peak to vaulted vantage, background buzz of bees and dulcet drone,

Nestled hemisphere of hermit’s haven, causes sought beneath a hallow’d dome

Where intersections advocate for essence,

Intercede and plead my way back home.


In teardrops’ rain a moment of calm capture, the briefest sort of pleasant reverie,

Infused prayer, exhaled from central solstice, length of one, eternal brevity,

Whose hush of rapid rapture leaves me breathless,

Gasping for source-poured liquidity.


In quiet cloisters fit for pensive purpose, open galleries portray their ancient frames,

Past and present catch up to the future, in cathedral’s mind where echoes may be tamed,

Till tumult teems again ‘mid errant pedestrian,

But solace sought in silent space still reigns.


Rebecca’s graduation coincided with her dad’s – my brother –  34 years ago and the Independence Day celebrated by Americans everywhere. I hope your day of gratitude for liberation was as special as that of my niece’s. I hope your future shines from cloistered thought.

19 thoughts on “In The Cloisters”

  1. Aunt momus is a proud lady, is she not! More genius from within the family has been released into the world. If anything like her aunt, another gifted soul is here to heal the earth and her inhabitants some more. Go Rebecca! Synchronicities are a symbol of a true path! Namaste


    1. Thanks, Mark. We were all very proud and blubbering! Including her. It’s been a long haul – students in that field and others don’t get the usual holidays as they’re constantly on placement. To see Rebecca you’d never believe her gentle ways and slightness capable of wrestling with cows and other farm animals but she did. I couldn’t handle a hamster. 😉 Strangely, her path was determined by herself, as an infant, when she decided that she wanted to look after animals. Steely determination and smarts combined with hard work. And beautiful to boot! I’d better stop before I shame myself with pride and more tears. 🙂 x


  2. Fantastic as always sis. Was an incredibly moving day yesterday – had another wee cry reading this. xxxx


  3. Oh yeah, and can I have some of what you had when you got home to induce such a lengthy sleep! :p xx


  4. Lolz – I’m sure Becky had a ball at the ball – probs still sleeping it off! Sandman and that bitch of a sleep fairy bypassed me last night!! xxxx :p


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