‘No’ to Arrested Development

See how she sits in her high chair,

Obedient child to the last,

See how she sups up her porridge,

Flavoured with history past.


See how she spits out the spoonful,

Proferred by patronage hand,

See how she picks up her own now,

Infancy making a stand.


See how she learns from endeavour,

As natural an act as can be,

See how she grows to an adult,

Independent, self-nourished and free.


See how some children, retarded

By parents who will not let go,

Develop arrested behaviours,

Damaged by some who don’t know


That nothing is worth being stuck there,

Harnessed in chair like a child.

It breaks under pressure from fairy tales,

Sometimes we’re born to be wild.


Wild as the woad on our faces

When history wrote out our path,

But timing is now, and with courage,

Freedom not given, we grasp


The spoon from the parent who knows not

A whit of development’s way.

Our children are free as a nation, come

September 18th, ‘Yes!’, Independence Day.


27 thoughts on “‘No’ to Arrested Development”

  1. Mmm, arrested or development…or is it both? Will we have to bail you out in among this somewhere momus 🙂 The last time we had anything like this happen, we were deliberately told so much crap that in the end you didn’t have a clue what you were voting for in the referendum. It was like this….’do you want to vote FOR the independence of Australia and make this country the next third world rubbish tip….or….do you want it to stay the same and BE the next third world rubbish tip!’. In the end everyone gave up in disgust from the misinformation that was poured into the newspapers leading up to it. The question was double edged to force you to go the way of the Liberal government of the day who most definitely wants to keep the Queen as our…whatever it is that she is to us. Just more politics to suit themselves.
    Sorry, got off track there….great poem my friend…and your right….let’s put the idiots in a high chair and spoon feed them…see how they like it 🙂


    1. You’re so right, Mark. There is, and has been for some time, so much misinformation being spread about in the media, shockingly so, by even the BBC. It becomes apparent that the coverage is more concerned with maintaining the status quo than disseminating accurate information. It strikes me that the UK government are too damned keen to hang on to us. ‘Better Together’- their arse. Much is being made by them of the size of our country and whether we have the economy to be self-sustaining, blah, blah, and on it goes. The actual FACTS are in black and white and Scotland can take care of its own affairs a damn sight better than Westminster has done with the rest of the UK, including Scotland. I’ve spent some hours online tonight viewing more dependable and neutral sources. Frankly, I’m a bit skelly-eyed from it all over the last while back. But, it matters too much to not be involved. Hopefully, the next couple of months will see some truth emerging where it matters. But I’m not holding my breath. Terrible, isn’t it, when you can’t depend on honesty?


      1. They can’t lie straight in bed…what hope has a country got when they are all so one eyed. It’s follow the money trail to who would lose out the most if Scotland goes independent, it is the ONLY thing they care about. And you and I are just a number, as in what is our buying power etc. And that bland fact tells you just who is running what country where. Big business and the money brokers, all else is a lie.
        Please don’t get me wrong, they suck up to us once and only once, and that is at voting time. The rest of the time we are ignored. Now if they would just give us voting on all major issues….oh sorry, did I just say pigs can fly 🙂 Blasphemy!
        By the way, if I suddenly disappear, you know why 🙂 They DO NOT want to lose the pig’s trough that they languish in daily. Their ego is so vain they actually think they are doing things for us and how dare we question that.
        My hope for you momus is that the internet still has some truth coming out so that you can at least vote with some sanity. Good luck that it does and hopefully those that are trying to manipulate the outcome will be shown up for what they are. Namaste


      2. Wouldn’t it just be so much easier if all sides just told the truth? Naive I know. But we would at least get to make decisions based on accuracy rather than distortions. It’s such a pain. And so bloody time consuming – I’ve been at it for hours again tonight. Hardly a bit of blog reading done, no post of my own, no writing tonight…think I should complain to the powers that be that they’re interfering in my life by not just laying the facts on the table! Wonder how that would go down in the corridors of power. I could bill them for my time seeing as how it only ever seems to come down to cash value. 😉


    1. It’s a battle for truth at the moment, Ali. Some of the swords that are out and being wielded are blunt from too many lies. They’re so used to dishing them up they don’t even look at their own books for the facts. Sad, sad political machinations.


  2. Anne-Marie, maybe you have done so already, but I think a poetry book is in order. Love the way your mind works and comes out in these elegant rhymes.


    1. Mark here on WP has been bending my ear about that and I’ve certainly written enough to fill a few volumes. 😉 I’m doing so many things at the moment and pulling together poetry keeps getting put on the back burner. But I’m delighted by your encouragement. I’ll certainly try to draw some material together at some point and see what I can with it. I’m really pleased you like my work, Beth. 🙂 x


      1. I heard that 🙂 Oh, and by the way, Beth thinks it’s a great idea too….I feel vindicated….go Beth! And you too momus, the book will be ready when it’s ready 🙂


  3. A very subtle (until the last line) political call to arms. In theory my thoughts are with you; just hope that the economic practicalities work out.


    1. Thanks, Chris. The economic facts are not the problem though. It’s the spin being put on the facts that are the problem. But we’re addressing that. I do wish the media would too. I’m naively disappointed that so much of the coverage is slanted. I had higher expectations of the media to relate the truth if not the politicians. Thank god there are still some neutral sources left for information. God bless the internet. 😉 x


      1. Have to admit that I have only followed events from a distance, so my understanding has no great depth. However the media coverage being somewhat one-sided comes as no shock, bearing in mind the powers behind it. My wishes are with you.


      2. Many thanks, Chris. I think any number of people are confused by the arguments for and against. If everyone would just stick to the facts it would be so much easier. But then it wouldn’t be politics. Shame though that we can no longer depend on our media for impartiality.x


  4. Absolutely wonderful sis – love it. YES all the way – we can do it and we will. xxxx


    1. In this instance, it feels more that the people are the ones leading the possibility so I hope enough get on board to make it a reality. I have high hopes of it.x


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