First Meal of the Day

Up since five a.m. today exploring

others’ words.

Your dreams and hopes, fears and tears,

stirred into my coffee.

I take it black,


not bitter.

I drink it down in earnest

appreciation of the full flavour,

picked and gathered

from plants


around the globe.

Each bean picked

to give a mix


to my palate.

I inhale from leaves too.

First meal of the day.

Two drugs

with the words

makes three.

Nicotine and caffeine

coursing through


with words fed onto pages.

Sad words,

hopeful words,

words that speak of deepest feelings and thoughts.

They touch me.


swallowed and inhaled

with coffee

and cigarettes.

And appreciated.

Addictive manna,

nectar to my needs.



and soul connections.

I rinse my mug, stub out my cigarette, close my kindle and begin my day.

It’s almost seven now.

Two hours of addiction satisfied.

But they will invite me back

for lunch.


32 thoughts on “First Meal of the Day”

  1. Beautiful way to start the day friend. Minus the cigarette anyway. But the coffee is an absolute MUST.
    Strong and black so as to provide a sharp edge to my awareness. Keep inspiring


    1. Thanks, John. Really ought to pack the cigs in but there’s always an excuse. 😉 I ended up writing a piece based on our conversation this morning in your comments so I’ll link to your post if that’s ok? I haven’t typed it up yet mind. I hand write most stuff. I can hold a coffee cup and a cig and manage that! 🙂 x


      1. That’s great. I’m heading off in a few days for a week or so with some of my crew and there’s no internet connection where we’re going! I’ll be champing at the bit by the time I’m back. 😉


  2. I love this, Anne-Marie – great the way you blend the sensual and the cerebral. Made me quite nostalgic for my days as a smoker (gave up the day I discovered I was expecting the Wean!) xxx


    1. I’m bad. 😦 But I can live with it. 🙂 I could probably miss out some of them but not the one with the first coffee or the one after dinner or with wine or a hauf or after…well, never mind what after. 😉


    1. I like water too. 🙂 Why is it rarely a problem to rise early when you’re on holiday? Scared to let any of it slip by probably. Hope you have a great vacation, Brenda.x


  3. I actually enjoyed smoking. I was forced to quit when I got ARDS. I love coffee as well. I’m actually a bit of a coffee snob. Ok, maybe alot. 😉
    You write very honest. I really like that. There’s just something about authenticity that can’t replace any gimmick.


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