Imagine A Hug

Imagine, if you will, for a moment,

Soft feathers alight on your heart,

Like a balm to skin when it’s broken,

Soothing, by touch, to impart.


Imagine their strokes, almost fleeting,

Whispers of breeze blown within,

Tendering comfort and easing

Scalded and blistered of skin.


Imagine a cloak made of feathers,

Down of the fluffiest fleece,

Enfolding and holding together,

Protecting and giving you peace.


Imagine a hug made from heaven,

Lined by all angel wings,

Inviting, with arms always open,

Embracing relief that it brings.

I’ll be on the ferry by now, off to Ireland for a week or so for a family holiday. I’ve been rushing around like a maddy getting bits and pieces organised so my reading has been scant at best. This is the only post I have scheduled and I’m going to have a break away from all things techy – well apart from my kindle and maybe my phone! Hugs to all you lovely people and see you on my return, God willing.x

29 thoughts on “Imagine A Hug”

  1. Imagined that hug from heaven – was fantastic! Happy holiday sister mine – love you. xxxx 🙂


  2. Imagine your five year old, warm and rumpled, seeking you out first thing in the morning and saying: “I love you SO much!” She climbs on your lap, lays her head down and just cuddles there, unmoving. Sigh.


      1. I miss my mum!! but tonight I don’t feel so sad, I am looking at a photo at my beside and she has that lovely chuckling smile…makes me smile.

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  3. I’m so sorry, Oliana. I hadn’t realised. You must still be fairly raw. I know I still miss mine even after a few years but the acute pain does lessen with time albeit that it never really disappears. A mum-shaped void. I hope you’re bearing up.x


    1. And we have a sunny day here too. Not, I imagine anything like the heat you are experiencing, it’s about 17°C here, if we’re lucky. But that counts as a fine day here. 🙂

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      1. Ah! 17 degrees is fine for us too. We (Delhi) usually oscillates between 0 in winters to 45 in summers. And it’s about 37 degrees today. And a chemistry lab is the worst place to be in this weather. So your poetry did a wonderful job 🙂

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      2. Wow! 37°! Strange how that’s fine on our insides but would melt me here! Getting into the 70+F for us is a glorious day. Finds me in the garden chasing the rays. I’m doing by best to chase them right now right enough. No classroom for me for two weeks! You have my sympathy. Glad to know my poem sent a breeze. 🙂

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