Exquisite state of intention,

Matchless promise within,

Necessity breeding invention,

Compulsion exceeding the whim.

Credible plans for completion,

Investment in all else but sin,

Sense of surreal motivation,

Hindsight, forerunner of win.

12 thoughts on “Within”

  1. This is my favorite of everything I have read today. I always get motivated by one line in all your pieces. Strangely enough this time it is “Investment in all else but sin,” As always, thank you. Shalom, Daniel


    1. Thanks, Daniel. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it and it spoke to you. The line you refer to came after reading about Solomon’s request for wisdom in governance. It got me thinking about what we invest in in our own lives and how we go about it. Thank you for reading and your comment.x


    1. Actually less confused than is normal possibly. 🙂 But definitely doing lots of abstract thinking that is leading the process. I think. It kind of feels that certain things are coming together but not exactly in linear form. So that maybe does make for confusion. 😉


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