Do you believe in laughter held in truth,

In knowing that words spoken find their mark,

That a look, a touch, the gentlest hand may form

A smile that grows within, ignites a spark?


Do you believe that gladness grows inside,

Overflows to others open to

Receiving joy as recompense for living

When its trials and labours overwhelm and threaten you?


Do you believe that hurting ends in time,

That inner worlds are balanced by all love,

That questions yet unanswered cause a thrill,

Their discoveries a golden treasure trove?


Do you believe that somewhere inside light

The heart of matter hides a great reveal,

That nothing happens without cause effect

And perceptions make our own world feel what’s real?


Do you believe that logos is the word

Or that words alone confuse a greater thought,

That lips that speak the lies betray the way

And sometimes guidance dwells in what’s not sought?


Do you believe in fairies and in trolls,

In monster lochs where hidden depths conceal,

Do you believe in equine wings and angels,

In many wondrous stories though unreal?


Do you believe in suspending disbelief

To enter into fantasies that pleasure

While still inside you know factual from dream

But recognise you owe some childlike measure?


Do you believe that living is worth living,

That each breath you take admits a purpose here,

That nothing’s yet decided or completed

And that only you can change your greatest fears?


Do you believe in worlds you find in books,

In scenes unfolding on the movie screen,

In comic superheroes who astound,

Unveiling attributes too rarely seen?


Do you believe the essence of all stories

Conveys some truth distilled to purest form,

That much of what we honour most in tales

Are aspirations we would wish as norm?


Do you believe that children hold the key,

That complications thwart our best intentions,

That simplicity and innocence are essential to all meaning

To underwrite and clarify the best of lessons?


I do.



43 thoughts on “Credo”

      1. By the time I tackle phase two of that I should be ready for a good curse! One of my all-time pet hates after donkeys years of school rigging out. Do your schools still go for formal wear?


      2. No hats and gloves but blazers and ties and shirts and skirts and jumpers and shoes and socks and school satchels and….all the other wee bits weans insist on too! Still a few bits to get but nearly there. 🙂


    1. Something in the air with lots of wonderings. And that 4a.m. slot is a killer every time. If I’m not up till then I often wake around then. Then the question of whether it’s near enough morning to get up out of bed arises. What’s that time all about?!


  1. I Believe you are a very Wise Woman…. 🙂
    This is a great post, do you mind if I reblog it?
    Thank you for sharing the natural flow of you….it is a wonderful way to shake
    off anything that blocks my sight this morning….
    Take Care…You Matter…


      1. It does speak in such soft whispers that seem to wrap around my thoughts today..
        not sure that makes sense … 🙂
        Thank you for sharing you and your wisdom


  2. Reblogged this on ladybluerose and commented:
    to me words are magick,
    they let us become the flow instead
    just going with the flow…
    being a participant in the best of someone
    else thoughts….
    Scottishmomus has such river of words
    I know you will enjoy her magick words within
    her thoughts…
    Thank you for reading
    Take Care…You Matter…


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