Blind Ripples

The time will come, as sure it must,

When flesh and bones return to dust.

Ere this happens to mine state

I challenge life, what may await

Round corners I have yet to veer,

On roads and paths that I must steer

As true to self as I can be

While hurting none as best I see.

The trouble with my self-direction,

Modus operandus, introspection,

Is, I can’t see what acts I do

May taint the world for me and you.

I struggle on as blind man feels,

Alerting senses to what’s real,

Believing that my ripples cast

May count for something that could last

Into eternal consciousness

And, somehow, one day I’ll be blessed

By loving light that comforts soul,

Suffuses dark when all is told

In story of my life on earth,

That task completed had some worth.


13 thoughts on “Blind Ripples”

  1. mother of many, a teacher being the most noble profession, with a fine poetic legacy to boot – I can’t think of many whose lives could possibly be worth more


  2. A beautiful poem and so eloquent – you have surely added to life’s great gifts. You have shared of your thoughts and feelings and that is a huge gift to give….. thank you .
    Blessings, Susan x


  3. Beautifully penned! The ending was especially poignant – making our life worth something, as best as we can! Thank you for sharing…x


  4. Never fear, your life has touched this lad through words in the high country of Colorado. This may be one of my favorites that you have written, until the next one 😉 Thank you. Shalom, Daniel


    1. Oh, is that where you are? What a picture my mind conjured there. I had to go check I wasn’t imagining that beauty. And I wasn’t. What a stunning part of the world you live in. Conducive to artistry in all forms, I’d say. Thank you for your words here and on your pages. Now I’ll have a backdrop to your art. 🙂


  5. Beautifully-written! An expression of what I perceive as the root planted on Earth. Our everlasting trait. Will it be discovered? I don’t know. I love this!


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