I’m doomed, alas!

It cannot be.

6 1/2 weeks felt like 3.

And as I sit

At 12.15

I ponder all these days have seen,

The plans I had

That went astray

As I relaxed, relearned to play.

I did not paint the garden fence,

Nor tidied wardrobes as I should,

I really wasn’t very good

At doing all I said I might

Or sticking to a plan at all

But what a blast! I had a ball.

And so, although

This night right here

Ends liberty of carefree cheer,

Off to school,

To class I stride

Knowing well, deep down inside,

That, even though I love to teach,

«««««Tempus fugit, really fast»»»»»

More holidays will soon be cast.

I love my job!


18 thoughts on “«««««ZOOM»»»»»”

  1. Took me back years and years sis – ‘we’re doomed’, remember? Lol, love it and love you xxx


    1. ‘Dad’s Army’! Sunday nights. I’d forgotten. Must be the ghost of Sunday’s past come to revisit. Or that miserable, auld Scots bugger from the programme. ‘Wurrr dooooomed!’


      1. lol. Now don’t be like that, I’m sure the impact of your derriere would not sink ships, drown the unsuspecting or create a tidal wave up the Clyde River 🙂 But if your anything like me, after a season of no sun, my skin is 10 shades whiter than a Polar Bear and may frighten the population 🙂 Ok, back to just dreaming till the next break I suppose!


      2. You guessed right. No tsunamis based on my butt. I hope! But dreaming is for sure. I think I’ll be running reblogs for the next month based on my workload. 😉


      3. Yes my friend, you have come back to Earth with a bump…and then got up running! 🙂 Soon…another of those relaxing and emotionally pampered times will be here again…it just seem’s a long way away 🙂


      4. And the only reason I’m able to answer this comment just now is I wakened at 4, couldn’t get back over and gave in to the lark. Precious quiet time at this moment. Work will settle in a few weeks I’m sure once all the planning is done for this new class in a new school. And I’m loving it so I can’t complain. 🙂


    1. Aye Captain, ‘we’re doomed I tell ye’ – oft bugger aff ye miserable auld git!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx


  2. What a lovely way to end the summer – I remember the anticipation of back-to-school, welcoming in a new brood of young ‘uns. You brought back sweet, fond memories. Thank you for that little trip back in time. 🙂


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