Blame not

the cast of shadows

on corners closed to light,

But flame the torch,


awaiting willing hand.

Trip not,

in hesitation,

cursing blunderous steps,

But feel cracked pores, crevassed pointing,


for faith touch.

Idle not

in disharmony’s speculation.

Rather, murmur

faint remembrances

Till refrain

makes glorious your voice.

Fear not

the underground passages

dependent on your darkness for existence.

Rather, shelter there,


eyes to gloom’s recognisance of faint shafts.


12 thoughts on “Acclimatising”

      1. Thank you. That’s very kind. Normally, I write at least daily. But I’ve just started back to a new term last week and the only thing I’ve been writing is plans for the term. I’ll be having withdrawal symptoms shortly! 😉


    1. Thank you, Mark, as always for your supportive words. I’m afraid for the next wee while the only thing I’ll be channelling is school work and prep. Glad to do it but leaving little time for anything else. Acclimatising to a new school, new class, new term. Rather hectic. 🙂


      1. The energy at the moment has become a little ‘fast’ and in your face with regard to stepping out of our comfort zones. My nudge has almost gone into a free-fall.
        We do like our ‘regular channels’…but ‘that will not wisdom grow’. Plus, how am I going to meet Sandra Bullock if I sit in my ‘office’ every day 🙂
        Take care little Bardess, your muse will never desert you, and of a weekend an allotment of time will be bestowed upon you for that use. Your amazing enough to whip us with genius in ten minutes or so for a verse like the above? 🙂


      2. You’re right, Mark. I’ve gone from blobbed out to eighty miles an hour in a brief time and catching breath is a bonus! Writing has just taken on a different format for the moment. More of the planning and organising variety but enjoyable nonetheless.
        Keep your eyes peeled for Sandra in these hectic days. I’m trying to make sure too I don’t miss the wood for the trees when it comes to energy spent versus worthwhile. All to the good so far. 🙂


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