Hidden Gems

Dulled with hidden sparkle

Uncovered in the core

Polished velvet glove redeems

Golden glitz and more

In where and what

The earth conceals

In muddied waters deep

Gems revealed in sparkled form


We must not keep

The treasures as they surface

In the light of oxygen

Whose breaths we live


So life begins again


6 thoughts on “Hidden Gems”

  1. Sometimes Anne Marie I go down to the cache la poudre river near where I live, and find the most unattractive river stone (in my eyes) that I can find, and just break it open with a rock pick. never fails what kind of beauty rest inside. 🙂 I said all that to say really loved what you have written here. Made me think of all those beautiful gems just waiting under that water to be found. Thank you. – Shalom, Daniel


  2. Beautiful. We are all gems that will be lost in the world as we know. To be unearthed and treasured in the future, whatever it may bring. Just saying; my thought. 🙂


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